Actor James Stewart, on First Time Meeting With Ex-Partner: Also His Explanation About their Split

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Actor James Stewart, on First Time Meeting With Ex-Partner: Also His Explanation About their Split

James Steward still remembers his first meeting with his ex-partner, Jessica Marais. The couple split in 2015.

Caption: James and Jessica in Packed to the Rafters(2007)


Although they got split, the couple respects each other and 40-year-old James still remembers the first time he met the 31-year-old Jessica. The meeting was a long-time back in 2007 at a Packed to the Rafters audition which became hit very quickly.

Home and Away actor, James has written in Sunday Life magazine.

"I went to audition for a part on Packed to the Rafters and asked Jess for her permission to hold her waist and put her against a wall."

He also explained that Jessica gave the green light, but James did his best to check his nerves while rumors flew between the pair.

For the matter of fact, James' audition was a success, and he secured the role of tradesman Jake Barton, the love interest of Jessica's character Rachel Rafter. That’s where both of them hit the jackpot. The former couple got engaged in October of 2009 and were soon to be husband and wife. 

'Jess texted me "Hot Chocolate?" at midnight a year later, and it all went from there,' James revealed of their official start of their romance.

Goodbye to Romance:

But the couple confirmed their split in May last year after a five-year romance, during that span of time they welcomed their daughter Scout.

 James Stewart has also admitted that his and Jessica Marais' relationship didn't stand the test of time due to both of their hearts going in 'different directions.'

In an interview with the Sunday Telegraph in June, the 40-year-old spoke of the split with Jessica:

"It always does [take time]. But when there’s another little human involved, a bigger person comes out....I think we’ve both turned into much bigger people because of it."

James also has had his thoughts about co-parenting with his estranged fiancée Jessica which he explained to New Idea magazine in June.

"It's called parenting couple, that's the professional name for it. But once you realize it's about Scout, everything's easy."