Actress Nadia Sawalha, Married in 2002 with Mark Adderley, Reveals her Husband's Fight with Alcoholism!

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Actress Nadia Sawalha, Married in 2002 with Mark Adderley, Reveals her Husband's Fight with Alcoholism!

Celebrity Masterchef, Nadia Sawalha and her husband Mark Adderly have revealed Mark’s fight with Alcoholism in a candid home video. Mark, who was seeking help at the rehabilitation center to battle with alcoholism, admitted that he is struggling to withstand the allure of alcohol.

The couple who got married in 2002 revealed how alcoholism afflicted their early years of their marriage. Mark said that it’s hard for him to resist the lure of alcohol especially when it’s Christmas in the 13-minute video shared on Nadia’s YouTube channel which was filmed for Kaye Adams. Furthermore, in the following video, he said-

“Every day is a struggle. Every day is a huge effort, to not get up literally, but a huge effort to tackle the day. The whole day is to be attacked, to be grappled with, it’s to be fought.”

He added;

“It is exhausting. I always say to Nadia and the girls, "Look you’re all finding me irritating now, you can all walk through that door and leave me, I can’t, I have to stay in the same bl**dy room as me.”

Caption: Actress Nadia Sawalha and her producer husband together revealed Mark’s battle with Alcoholism.

After entering The Priory in around 2005, Mark has been teetotal for twelve years. He revealed that it was hard for him to be honest in the beginning while he joined the rehabilitation. He couldn’t even admit that he was alcoholic for three days.

He also said-

“The most important thing they used to say in the Priory you need to need to do it for yourself, you’re not getting sober for your wife, you’re not getting sober for your children, and I’ve said this many times, I differ from that, it’s bulls*t.”

Moreover, he added;

“There’s no better reason to get sober for your wife, your children, your family because I struggle to do it for myself because I think I could cope, I could carry on.”

According to the producer, his responsibility to his wife Nadia and children Izzy, Maddy and Kiki are more than motivation to him to fight against the alcoholism.

Mark was caught drink-driving earlier in 2003. Magistrates fined him £900 in Chippenham and banned from driving for 28 months.