Openly Gay Adam Rippon, Winter Olympics 2018 Skating Star Shared A Kiss – Boyfriend?

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Openly Gay Adam Rippon, Winter Olympics 2018 Skating Star Shared A Kiss – Boyfriend?

One of the first gay athlete in Winter Olympics, Adam Rippon marked his Olympic debut in 2018 Winter Olympics held in PyeongChang by celebrating the occasion with a kiss with another gay athlete, Gus Kenworthy on February 9, 2018.  

The duo (Adam Rippon and Gus Kenworthy) is the part of the trio including speed skater, Brittany Bowe, who made history by participating as the first openly gay athlete from Team USA in Winter Games.

Both Adam Rippon and Gus Kenworthy were happy on the opening day of Winter Olympics 2018 and posed for some photos together before sharing the kiss together. Sharing the honor of representing the USA in Olympics, Adam Rippon took to his twitter to talk about 2018's Winter Olympics debut day's moments. He shared an image on Twitter on February 9, 2018.  

Similarly, Gus Kenworthy also shared the glimpses of duo's moments in the event via Twitter on February 9, 2018. 

Even though the duo has an open relationship to share a kiss together on the public, it is not claimed that Gus is, in fact, Adam's boyfriend. Neither Adam nor Gus have come forward with the information that they are dating each other.

As the supportive hands, some sources also claimed both, Adam and Gus shares the BFF relationship rather than a romantic one. Adam came out as a gay in 2015 through a magazine, so there is no question of him dating a girlfriend.

However, the athlete may also come with his dating information shortly for the fans like he did with his sexuality and give the fans one more reason to celebrate!

Besides, it seems to have begun, as Adam has already given one of such good news to his fans to celebrate. Marking the Olympic debut, Adam came out third in the ice-skating sport, scoring 172.98 points on February 11, 2018.

He placed Team USA third through his magnificent performance and revealed his emotion in one of his interviews, saying:

“Today was so special, so much fun. I want to be one of the first medals here at the Games and we have a great team. I’m so proud to be on this team and I went out there and did my job so I’m going to be cheering for the rest of my teammates today.”

Adam Rippon has been working very hard for the event spending hours and hours on ice and at the gym. Talking in an interview with Life&StyleAdam explained the hard work he had been doing. He said, 

“I think I’ve really kind of intensified my training since Nationals, which was our last event before the Olympics, I’m on the ice about four hours a day and then I’m in the gym for another two. It’s definitely a full day of training. But, you know, I do it kind of all with joy because I’ve wanted nothing more than to go to the Olympics. The fact that I’m actually training for it is still surreal.”

Not only his interview, but Adam's shirtless photos can also be enough to witness the hard work the athlete has put for 2018's Olympics.


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Recently on 27 December 2017, Adam shared a tweet, where he mentioned the importance of hard work. He was previously asked about what's it's like to be a gay athlete in sports, his reply came as a tweet rather than a verbal explanation. 

Adam and the trio have already shown their worth, and we hope the Olympic athlete will bring more of such hard work and medals in upcoming days as well!

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