Andrew Brady, 26, Is Dating Caroline Flack, 38! Gleams Romantic Relation

By Sambridhi Rana Magar | On:
Andrew Brady, 26, Is Dating Caroline Flack, 38! Gleams Romantic Relation

Age indeed doesn't matter in love!

English reality television personality Andrew Brady (26) is currently dating the Love Island host Caroline Flack (38) who is 12 years older than him. Interestingly, the lovebirds look to be contented and happy, and their social media account reflects all out. 

In an Instagram post of Andrew on Monday, he shared a photo of vegan spaghetti bolognais and a picture of Peanut Butter ice cream. Simultaneously, Caroline also uploaded a photo of a tub of Ben & Jerry's Non-Diary ice cream flavor Chunky Monkey. Surprisingly, both the picture appeared to be clicked in the same room. 

Moreover, just some hours earlier, the duos even posted on their respective account from the same location in the park where Caroline simply wrote on her post, 

"London so pretty."

Both the posts of Andrew and Caroline captures the same scene (

One of the sources close to the Sun even commented on the relationship of Andrew and Caroline, saying that the couple is enjoying their time together and are very content. The source affirmed,

 “Caroline is enjoying her time with Andrew, he’s a good laugh but she also finds him really attractive. Their link-up has surprised some of her pals, as he’s not her usual type. But she’s happy just to see where the romance goes."

The reality star Andrew met his new beau during a night out in East London, and since then the chemistry appears to be getting stronger.

Before Caroline, Andrew was dating the TV and Radio presenter, Rachael Rhodes. Andrew applied on the radio's contest to win Rachel's heart and eventually earned a date with her. The two were having a low-key affair, before Andrew went into the Celebrity Big Brother house.

However, the news with Rachel swayed away when Andrew had some flirtatious relationship with the drag queen Courtney Act, also known as Shane Janek in January. But Andrew clarified his affection for Courtney and even quoted that he would date her if she were actually a woman.

Not only in the Celebrity Big Brother, but in the previous TV show Apprentice as well, Andrew was rumored to be dating his fellow co-star Anisa Topan, after they were reported to have spent a night together. But Anisa quickly snapped away from the rumors saying that she was happily married. 

Well, after series of dating rumors and affairs, it looks like Andrew finally found his perfect match. They both look super cool together and hopefully, the lovebirds continue their relationship and even escalate their relationship by getting engaged in days to come!

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