Radio Personality Anthony Cumia Arrested by Police for Assaulting His Girlfriend! View Full Report

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Radio Personality Anthony Cumia Arrested by Police for Assaulting His Girlfriend! View Full Report

Today we talk about the man who is famous for ‘The Anthony Cumia Show’ and by the name of the show, most of you all might have already guessed that we are talking about Anthony Cumia. Well, it turns out that he did not only become famous for his show but he was once arrested by the police for assaulting his girlfriend.

On December 19, 2015, Anthony Cumia had an argument with his girlfriend Danielle Brand that turned into a domestic violence which got the police department involved. Page Six exclusively covered the story after an initial 1:47 long video that his girlfriend posted on her Periscope account where she showed her wounds and scars as a result of fighting.

Caption: Anthony Cumia with his girlfriend Danielle Brand on August 27, 2015.

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Report on domestic violence against girlfriend:

However later, the 11 minutes video was shared on the internet which was a full version of Danielle’s recording of her fight where Anthony was desperately searching for his gun in his New York apartment. In the video, his girlfriend started by saying,

'Hi, I’m in Long Island, I got my hand broken, I’m waiting for police to come.’

Caption: Danielle is recording her fight and war of words with Anthony

She also said that she tried to call the police, but Anthony took the phone away, and she could be seen screaming at Anthony to pay for her broken hand while Anthony was asking her to leave the house. The following morning on December 20, Anthony was arrested at his home and was charged with strangulation of unlawful imprisonment in the second degree, and criminal mischief in 3rd and 4th degree.

Anthony naturally pleaded not guilty to the charges Meanwhile prosecutors said Brand suffered a fractured rib, swollen and chest pain from the assault. On December 21, Anthony was released without bail as his prosecutors stated that Anthony denied his girlfriend’s allegation. However, in June 2016, he pleaded guilty to the third-degree assault and criminal obstruction of breathing and was presented a deal of the charges to be reduced to simple harassment and wiping criminal record if he was to complete a six month of outpatient alcohol rehab and participate in a program designed for batterers.

Previous controversies:

A couple of months prior he pleaded guilty. Anthony announced that he would be spending the April month in a rehab but did not specify the facility. He also gave a hint that the decision was related to the December event.

The domestic violence against his girlfriend was followed by his controversial act a year ago in 2014 which created consequences for him. In 2014, Anthony posted a series of comments which SiriusXM as ‘racially charged’ and ‘hate-filled,' which got him fired from the radio company. His firing came after his persecution filled the Twitter post in which he called a black woman a c---- who allegedly punched him while innocently taking pictures.

Anthony Cumia was previously married to his now ex-wife Jennifer Cumia against whom he has expressed his despise most of the time. Apart from getting a divorce from his wife in 1999 with whom he got married in 1990, Anthony has dated Lobster Girl from 1998 to 2007, followed by dating Jill Nicolini in 2008.

After SiriusXM fired Anthony Cumia from the Opie and Anthony and their company in 2014, the same year he took his leave from ‘Live From the Compound.' The same year, Anthony started his podcast called ‘The Anthony Cumia Show’ and currently is enjoying a net worth of $8 million added to a salary of $3 million.