ARU Boss Bill Pulver's Decision: No Super Rugby For Jarryd Hayne Next Year

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ARU Boss Bill Pulver's Decision: No Super Rugby For Jarryd Hayne Next Year

Recently, the Australian Rugby Union (ARU) boss Bill Pulver has officially made his final decision on not letting Jarryd Hayne play the next year’s Super Rugby.

Bill Pulver has certainly closed the doors of next year’s Super Rugby for Jarryd Hayne. Not only that he’s been shut out of the next Super Rugby, Bill has made arrangements where any other Australian franchise’s approach will strictly not be entertained as the Waratahs will not be offering Hayne a contract and also Pulver revealed the code-hopper and his management made it clear to the ARU that his preference should remain in NWS.

After much consideration, the Waratah have decided Hayne doesn’t fit in with their direction- according to

After all the decisions were made final, Waratah’s chief executive, Andrew said,

"But right now, we have a new and exciting young group of players, (and) combined with the needs of our game to put it back on an even keel, talking to Jarryd probably at the moment isn't the right thing for us as a sport.”

Waratah’s chief executive Andrew Hore described the decision and Hayne as a ‘watershed’ moment in the franchise’s history as they decided not to go down that path. Hayne did approach the ARU to discuss if there was any possibility to switch to the 15-man code but instead, there have been suspicions in some of the rugby circles that the code-hopping star of NRL star was using them in an attempt to raise his asking price.

However, a French glamour club Toulon seems to be interested in signing up this former Parramatta Eels star along with top 14 rivals Clermont and Racing Metro and recent reports have also shown that Hayne could end up playing rugby after all.

Pulver said,

“You’re a little concerned when there are media waiting outside a meeting that has been organized by them; I guess that was a little bit of an issue. But at the end of the day, there’s a chance he is signing up to play rugby in France. Certainly, the conversation I had was there was genuine interest in our game.”            

Pulver also said,

“We wouldn’t stump up any money – he can’t play for the Wallabies, sadly. Four minutes for Fiji in a London event pretty well ruled that out.”

After Hayne arrived back to Australia after he failed to make it to Fiji’s Olympics sevens team, his hopes for a big contract from the ARU also crumbled down and also made him incompetent to represent Australia.