Aspiring Singer Aretha Franklin Announces her Retirement after Release of her Upcoming New Album

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Aspiring Singer Aretha Franklin Announces her Retirement after Release of her Upcoming New Album

Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin announced her retirement at the Detroit TV station WDIV Local 4 after a successful career of more than fifty years.

Leaving a remarkable legacy intact, legendary soul singer Frankin is stepping away from her grand piano after recording a new album part-produced by Stevie Wonder. Talking about the retirement, she said-

“I must tell you, I’m retiring this year, I will be recording, but this will be my last year in concert. This is it.”

Frankin, who has one of the most distinctive voices told that she is "exuberant" and can’t wait to get in the studio for her upcoming new album. She also said that she will do"some select things, maybe one a month, for six months out of the year" and want to spend her time with her family, especially with her grandchildren as they are leaving for college. Furthermore, she stated-

"it's what I've done all of my life."

"I feel very, very enriched and satisfied with respect to where my career came from, and where it is now. I'll be pretty much satisfied, but I'm not going to go anywhere and just sit down and do nothing. That wouldn't be good either."

Caption: Aretha Franklin performing onstage at BET Honors 2014 at Warner Theatre in Washington.

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She even said that she will have one or two concerts every month as it wouldn’t be good for her to just sit down doing nothing. Well, that will be good for us and even to then president Barack Obama who once said that Aretha Franklin is one of the musicians whose records would accompany him to a desert island. He further said-

“for she’ll remind me of my humanity, what’s essential in all of us. And she just sounds so damn good.”

“No other musician embodies the connection between the African-American spiritual, the blues, R&B, rock and roll – the way that hardship and sorrow were transformed into something full of beauty and vitality and hope … American history wells up when Aretha sings”.