Basketball Wives LA's Angel Love Still Dating Her Basketball Player Boyfriend? Also Her Wiki, Age and Short Bio

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Basketball Wives LA's Angel Love Still Dating Her Basketball Player Boyfriend? Also Her Wiki, Age and Short Bio

Angel Love who is often recognized as a rookie in the Basketball Wives LA is undoubtedly too charming and beautiful for any man out there. However, the space for a boyfriend seems to have filled as she is rumored to be dating a man and by the show, she is into; we can already guess that her boyfriend is a basketball player. Let’s find out who exactly he is.

Angel Love was previously dating DeJuan Blair, who is currently playing for Jiangsu Monkey King of Chinese Basketball Association. While the couple dated, they produced a baby daughter; Heaven Love on August 8, 2014. It is not revealed when the couple split, but according to her Instagram post, Angel was with her boyfriend till 2015.


????Thanks to my lady bug & SharkMan for such a great time at the Wiz kids Halloween party last night! ???? #wizards #dc

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Caption: Angel love with ex-boyfriend DeJuan Blair and daughter Heaven Love during Halloween of 2015.

Angel Love joined the show while things were starting to get a little tensed between them, however, as per her interview with VH1, the couple eventually split and Angel is currently a single mother, who is doing great on her own after she moved to LA.

" A lot of it wasn’t shown on Basketball Wives, like me leaving my boyfriend DeJuan [Blair], and moving to LA, and becoming a single mother, and starting my scrub line, and being a nurse."

Regardless, this is not the first time Angle has gone through heartbreak as she has faced situations worse than she breaks up with boyfriend DeJuan Blair. Recently, in an interview with VH1 yesterday, Angle revealed that she was once a married woman.

Having the same story as  Angel Brinks, a fellow cast member in Basketball Wives, she also poured out her side of the story which was not shown on the show. After dating for about two years, she got married to her boyfriend with whom she was in college together. However, Three months after she got married, her husband committed suicide, but she did not share the reason why.

"When I first met Angel [Brinks], us having sort of similar background as far as our baby fathers playing in the NBA, I remember her telling me that she was once married and her guy committed suicide and it was so ironic that I had that same story as well. [My guy], we were dating for maybe two years, we got married, then three months later he committed suicide. It was so so hard for me to accept it and adjust to life after this, because at this point, I thought I had everything I need."

Upon asked if her husband had depression, she told the channel that her husband was a strong man who was not used to showing his weakness. While she thought her life was on the perfect path, everything crumbled into pieces. She said,

“I had just finished nursing school, I just got married, I’m happy, I’m in love, my life is just amazing. [Then] my life just crashed after so I was really at my wit’s end and I didn’t know how to overcome and adjust to life.”

She also talked about her brother and grandmother whom she lost this year one after another and how the weight of holding the family fell upon her. With that, she also revealed that she left her boyfriend, DeJuan Blair and moved to LA to become a single mother to start her own scrub line and being a nurse.

Angel Love’s Short Bio: Wiki and Age?

Angel Love was born on November 14 but has not revealed her age as she has chosen to keep the year of her birth a secret.

But according to, Angle is currently in her 20’s. Angel is originally from New Orleans and has three college degrees and is also a registered nurse.