Bianca Ryan: "Why I Don't Have a Boyfriend?" AGT Star, Not Dating, What's She Doing Now?

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Bianca Ryan: "Why I Don't Have a Boyfriend?" AGT Star, Not Dating, What's She Doing Now?

Bianca Ryan proved to the whole world that she had the talent by being the first grand-prize winner of the NBC hit television show, "America's Got Talent," at an early age of 11. Now, she is aged 21 and Bianca's performances have received millions of views online throughout the world.

It is a matter of surprise that as the talented singer, musician, and actress as Bianca Ryan is single.

Boyfriend and Dating?

Ryan has been seen posting her status via Twitter that she doesn’t have a boyfriend and has questioned the incident. Following her status, we can guess that neither she has a boyfriend, nor she is dating someone.

Winner of America's Got Talent!

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Caption: A winning moment as of America's Got Talent.

Inspiration and Future Projects!

Her interest in signing was inspired by her own father, “a fabulous guitar player and musician himself who then linked up with groups back in his days,” according to Bianca. It was their love for R&B and also Gospel music, and along with that, it was her father’s large album collection that picked up her interest.

She stated,

“He had a lot of albums that I would steal from him and listen to. I just kept going, and I started rehearsing every night with him because I loved it and then all of a sudden, things just escalated.”

It is no matter of fact that “America’s Got Talent” changed her life upside down and is grateful for the experience for someone young like her, but at the same time she also wishes she had known about the misconceptions that many people had about the winners and participants of reality-based musical competitions.

 Bianca wants people to understand,

“It’s more work after the show as the industry is so saturated right now that a person could be on the show for a whole season, win it and still go home having nothing change in their life.”

She has gone a long way in the industry from being signed to Syco Music/Columbia Records to owning her own independent label. Bianca is happy to be in her current position as an indie artist, much like legendary Cody Simpson. Cody is a renowned Australian singer, songwriter, musician, dancer, and actor who formerly signed with Atlantic Record, and now runs his own label, Coast House Records.

As like Cody, she currently owns her own label, named Bianca Ryan Records LLC. She stated that she “can finally be an artist and make money off what [she does].”

She is currently working on a new untitled EP that she is optimistic to release in 2016. She describes her new EP as having “songs about inspiring and motivating people.

“You have your love songs, but I want songs that really just bring people up and show them you can do this. One of the songs on there is called ‘One Day’ and it’s basically about just overcoming the negativity in your life.”

Her net worth is that of $2,000,000 and has a yearly income of $242,424.

What is she doing now?

Looking at her social media sites, it would appear that she hasn’t released any new music since her single, Alice which was featured by Chloe Lukasiak in 2015.

Although it is said that, Ryan Biaciana is still spending much of her time recording and singing which she does the best as it is apparent on her official website.

For instance these past two months in 2017, she has released two cover songs, a rendition of Demi Lovato’s Stone Cold and next is The Beatles’ All My Loving for Valentine’s Day.

According to the reports, Ryan also has a new EP in plans, although no details about the project have been released as of yet in media. Aside from her work in music, however, the New Jersey native Ryan has also expressed a strong desire to continue acting.

If you’d like to stay connected with the American singer and first winner of NBC's America's Got Talent, you can do so by following her on social media. One can find Bianca Ryan on Twitter at @BiancaRyan and on her Instagram @officialbiancaryan.

Bianca Ryan's Short Bio:

Bianca Taylor Ryan (born September 1, 1994) is an American singer, songwriter, lyricist, musician and actress from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Ryan was also the first winner of NBC's America's Got Talent at the age of eleven in 2006.

Her eponymous first album was released in same year following her win and more two Christmas albums. Her original song "Alice" was self-released in May 2015 and was a major hit.