Chloe Kim Stopped Dating Boyfriend! 2018 Olympic Winter Games Competitor Steady Amid Fall

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Chloe Kim Stopped Dating Boyfriend! 2018 Olympic Winter Games Competitor Steady Amid Fall

The US team Olympic snowboarder Chloe Kim split with her boyfriend just before the 2018 Olympic Winter Games as per reports on January 31.

The young 17-year-old snowboarder was dating a fellow snowboarder for a year and a half. But she decided that it was best to end their relationship, to devote her time only to the game.

She spoke about her relationship with Sports Illustrated and shared,

“I was hearing a lot of rumors about him, and our relationship in general. And I’m just at a time where I didn’t really want to worry about that. So I just broke it off.” 

Well, Kim has not disclosed the name of her boyfriend, and when asked if it was a 'business decision,' she elaborated,

"Pretty much. That sounds kind of harsh, but it's true. We're still good friends, though. At least I'd like to think so."

The young snowboarder has won several competitions. She has won back-to-back X Games titles in 2015 and 2016 competing in the halfpipe, and two gold medals at the 2016 youth Olympic Games.

She has been ready for the Winter Olympics four years back and was even qualified for the US Olympic team in Sochi, but she was just 13 then and did not reach the minimum age criteria.

In fact, she is the only woman with a perfect score of 100, that she made by landing perfect back-to-back 1080s. Also, she talked about the hard work which goes into achieving the success as,

 “It’s not like I was just dropped onto a snowboard and I was able to go 15 feet into the air. There was a lot of hard work that came with it. That’s something that people don’t really notice sometimes and the amount of sacrifice my family made.”

Back in 2014, she became the youngest Winter X Games medalist ever and following her winning route a year later she won her first of four X Games titles, which made her, the only athlete in X Games history to win four gold medals before the age of 18.

Although she has successfully broken records, she is nervous regarding the 2018 Olympic Games and expressed her nervous as, 

“I’m shaking, my heart is pounding out of my chest, it’s like I’m freaking out. But once I’m moving, I feel fine and I feel relaxed.”

Chloe Kim's journey to snowboarding (Video: People)

The teen snowboarder, who began snowboarding at the age of four with the support of her father, is even named as the 'Female Shaun White.'