Will Coach Butch Jones Be Fired Siding On Fans' Comments? Or Will Be Awarded Contract Extension And Salary Raise?

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Will Coach Butch Jones Be Fired Siding On Fans' Comments? Or Will Be Awarded Contract Extension And Salary Raise?

Hearing negative comments and constant criticism often pulls out strong angered and fierce activities. Normal people like us generally pass heated comments while some might even show their anger by replying in a nasty and gross manner.

But the situation is not the same for the football coach, Butch Jones who have been in a difficult situation due to his fans firing comments. But will these fiery comments make the coach lose his head or will he be given an extension along with the award for his patient nature? Let’s find out more about it.

Promotion calls: Extension in Contract along with a hike in pay?

Yes, the rumors of his development and extension have hit the headlines. As posted by Tennessean.com on 1st December 2015, there was a possible extension in the contract of the football coach along with the increase in pay scale. As disclosed by Hart at the conference, the third-year coach is likely to have an extension along with raise in pay.

Caption: Butch Jones talks with the media against the Missouri Tigers at Neyland Stadium(2014)

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Almost a year ago, the coach had a two-year contract extension along with an annual salary of $3.6 million dollars whereas just a year before his extension of the contract, and he was abiding to receive an annual salary of $2.96 million dollars. Although there is a likely chance for the extension of the contract and raise in pay, he is already ranked as 23rd highest paid coach.

Before getting an extension, he was also entitled to the position of UC Head Football Coach. As posted by Gobearcats.com on 16th December 2009, Butch Jones was named the head football coach at the University of Cincinnati by Director of Athletics Mike Thomas.The position came to the lap of the coach when the previous coach Brain Kelly resigned on 10th December 2009 to accept the position of coach at the University of Notre Dame.

Well, the coach has strongly stepped in the success stone. Year by year we can see him embracing new positions, extensions and increment in pay scale.  We too are looking forward to seeing him being as a coach of the existing team with more witty strategy in a game.

Fired: Fiery fan comments vs. Coach Butch Jones

Well, the Tennessee fans want the coach to be laid off from the existing position after getting destroyed by Alabama in the game. As posted by saturdayblitz.com on 16th October 2016, the Tennessee Volunteers started to bust the coach immediately after the home team started to loose with the opponent for the score of 5-0.

The score created a high dismay amongst the fan followers which urged them to throw nasty tweets for coach Jones on 16th October 2016:

The coach has not spoken anything about the downfall in the score nor has he given any clarification for the out bursting comment made by the fans in the Twitter account.

Well, fan's should understand that losing and winning is a part of the game and hence, not blame the coach for the sudden downfall in the score. They must remember that there were days when the coach had done an outstanding job for the team bringing in plenty of victory for the home.

Barb Jones: Wife and Children

The 48 years old coach is married to Barb Jones.They got married after dating for nine months. As posted by Archive.knoxnews.com on 24th August 2013, the duo met at Ferris State College, Grand Rapids, Mich. The pair ran into each other at the end of the semester since then they started dating each other. Later, they got married. He was 24 years old, and his lady was 19.

Caption: Butch Jones(left) with Alex, Adam, Andrew and Barbera Jones during Introductory Press Conference (2013) 

Photo Credit: saturdaydownsouth.com

The man has not revealed anything about his marriage events nor has he disclosed about his married life. But in an interview posted by Tennessee.247sports.com on 27th April he said:

“Her temperament is great. Brings me back to Earth ,I couldn’t do it without her. She has been a rock of stability.”

The duo is blessed with three children named Alex, Adam, and Andrew. The star has not revealed any information about their children’s birth. Currently, the star coach lives in a luxury house with his family and has the net worth of $15 million along with the annual salary of $3.085 million.

Thus, the coach is blessed with a beautiful wife who is there for him in every thick and thin situation.They have been married for about 21 years. He is also blessed with three children with an active career front in the football. Well, we surely are looking forward to seeing his children on the game field. There are no rumors of him divorcing his wife. Thus he is enjoying his happily married life.