Donald Trump's Allegation of Voter Fraud on Clark County Opposed by the Judge! View Full Report!

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Donald Trump's Allegation of Voter Fraud on Clark County Opposed by the Judge! View Full Report!

The 2016 presidential campaign is at its peak now, and the whole world has their eyes and ears on Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton. The strongest candidate around as per talks public and media views. It is evident both of them will do anything to down each other, and as for Donald Trump, his campaign filed a last-minute lawsuit for alleged voter fraud in Clark County.


Most recently, the Donald Trump’s campaign filed a lawsuit citing voters fraud against the Clark County registrar for keeping the polling location open for two hours more than the given time. The lawsuit was filed by Trump’s campaign on Tuesday against the County’s election office and the County registrar for keeping the polling location running in most of the Latino neighborhood on what is believed to be the last day of early voting.

The lawsuit went in front of the Nevada judge Gloria J. Sturman who most impressively, without hesitating slammed down the allegation and did not ‘expose people doing their civic duty’. The lawsuit also addressed the judge to reveal the names of the Nevada poll workers to the public. However, she plainly denied that too. She said,

How can you tell me that? Do you watch Twitter? Have you watched any cable news show? There is the internet — you know, the vernacular, trolls — who get this information and harass people who just want to help their fellow citizens vote.

she added; 

Why would I order them to make available to you information about people who work at polls when it’s not already a public requirement to do so so that those people can be harassed for doing their civic duty?

Later, the lawyer from the registrar’s office clearly explained that keeping the polls open is not something that breaks the law. He made it clear that the polling location has always stayed open as long as the line of the voters exists even if the designated time is over for voting. Moreover, the Nevada judge Sturman addressed the Trump campaign,

"I can't obligate him to do something he is already obligated to do," Sturman said, later adding, "This is Election Day. He has other things to be doing."

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton’s campaign is nothing but happy with the Judge’s decision. This is what the Clinton campaign’s spokesperson Glen Caplin said,

"We're pleased the judge swiftly denied what was a frivolous attempt to disenfranchise voters in Clark County and a desperate response to the record turnout we see in Nevada and across the country. Every voice needs to be heard in this election, and both campaigns should be working to ensure that every American will have easy access to the ballot box.”

Well, the countdown has already begun for the US presidential election, and the polls are at its peak. It looks like there will be close competition among the rivals, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Let's hope the citizen of the United States will make a right choice deciding the President of the nation.