Donald Trump's Views On Different Countries Of The World? View Full Report

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Donald Trump's Views On Different Countries Of The World? View Full Report

Mr. Donald Trump, the President of America, has made some wildly inappropriate and explicit comments on countries he has been to. Comments made by the leader of the free world is indeed unforgettable given that its very curt/blunt to an extend might be too truthful.


The deal in nuclear Iran is not going so well and how Mr. Donald Trump feels about this county despite Iraq's leader, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, congratulating Trump and expressed "the world and the United States will continue to support Iraq in fighting terrorism.". Regarding the tweet, it’s fair to say Iran is not on Mr. Donald Trump’s “to go to” list

Caption: Trump tweet on the Iran Deal.


Mr. Donald Trump is definitely friendlier on Israel given his tweet being more on the positive note. Tweeting “I think Israel is inspiring!” winning over many hearts of Israelis. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave a warm welcome to Donald Trump quoting "true friend of the state of Israel."

Caption: A tweet from Mr. Donald with a bit of back lash to Hillary.


It’s a definite that Mr. Donald Trump has Russia‘s under his wing. President Putin Being the first to congratulate him surely means something Fans even in Russia, Moscow an editor Margarita Simonyan tweeted commented “I want to drive through Moscow with an American flag in the window. Come join me,”.

Caption: Giving respect where respect is needed. Tweet Tweet!


It’s no secret that Mr. Trump has little to no liking at all to Mexico, The words “Build a wall on the border with Mexico and have Mexico on the wall” must have given it away.

Caption: Post on the wall in Mexican border.

He does have likes and dislikes on each country, most being disliked, but in fairness, he is just going to represent his county. U.S.A and how great it is.