End Of A Relationship! Amber Portwood Calls Off Wedding With Fiance Matt Baier

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End Of A Relationship! Amber Portwood Calls Off Wedding With Fiance Matt Baier

After series of red flags from fiancé Matt Baier, Amber Portwood has now called off their wedding. The Teen Moms: OG star, who previously refused to elope has called it quit on Monday.

Caption: Amber Portwood called off her engagement with her fiance. (Published on May 19, 2017)

The pair previously had lots of issues which started the fragility in their relationship and got more intense from her 27th birthday. But Amber Portwood couldn’t resist the thing that her fiancé is still taking drugs.

Back on June 12, Catelynn suffered a panic attack after missing out on her daughter Nova’s first day of daycare. Matt Baier, who has a record of substance abuse and addiction in the past gave her a Xanax, which was not digestible for the fiancé.

Amber said,

“I found out Matt gave her a Xanax and I’m freaking out because he shouldn’t have any if he’s clean.”

Just minutes after that, Matt asked her fiancé if she’d marry him. Shaking  her head sideways referring to a “no,” Amber proclaimed,

“You’ve made more than one f—king mistake. I’m not doing it.”

As perfect explanation, Amber's boyfriend of two years stated,

“My buddy gave me a Xanax in case Amber needed it on the plane. … She thinks ‘you’re back on drugs.’ … I swear I’m not. … It wouldn’t have been in my pocket; it would have been in my stomach.”

After the rejection, Matt later told a producer about the morning conversation between him and Amber where he stated Amber said,

"We’re not getting married. You’re a junkie.’ … I’m done with this. I did not f—king deserve what happened to me yesterday. … Give me five minutes with the press. I’ll tell them what she’s really like.”

The drama went all insane on Monday’s episode. After all those messy conversations, Matt transformed his attitude toward his fiancé and stated that her face looked “spectacular.”

Despondent Amber later told Catelynn and Maci,

“He’d be lucky right now if we got married. … I have a couple of decisions I just need to make. … I think he has his issues he needs to deal with.”

Well! After plenty of mistakes and lies, will Amber be able to forget and forgive the deed of her fiancé?

Stay with us for the answers!