How Will Donald Trump's Presidency Affect Asia-Pacific Region? View Full Report

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How Will Donald Trump's Presidency Affect Asia-Pacific Region? View Full Report

Donald Trump, the newly elected president, had threatened to backtrack the international order while he made a statement as a candidate to withdraw from international trade agreements or slit US financial policies to commit on Atlantic and Pacific reasons. So that means what does Trump has up his sleeves for Asia-pacific reason?

The threat looms around Asia-Pacific region as immediate urgency among US treaty allies as that of South Korea and Japan. Main reason behind it is the fear that Trump would hit for the financial contribution to host military forces in Asia.

Trump’s victory as new US president has drastically redrawn the geopolitical landscape in Asia-pacific region. On the other hand, Obama has been trying throughout his regime to counterpart China’s influence on world economy with his pivot strategy.

Impacts on various countries:


On the presidential campaign Trump had hinted on more of a resilient policy hitting out China on a regular basis and even accusing Beijing of “raping” US economy and also threating to impose tariffs on Chinese products which are imported as well as threatening to bring back US troops out of Japan and South Korea, Beijing’s regional rivals.

Moreover, Trump has also criticized TPP, and it is the policy of which under Obama had been “a centerpiece of an American resurgence of its role in Asia.”

Korean Peninsula and Japan:

With Japan government rooting to wait whom to support for next US president but it didn’t bother Trump as he caused perturbation and panic in Tokyo with his straight word that he is willing to make lethal changes to the security glue that has held those two countries together for more than 60 years.

“If somebody attacks Japan, we have to immediately go and start world war three, OK? If we get attacked, Japan doesn’t have to help us,” Trump said in a speech last year.

South Korea, on the other hand, has agreed to host the US-made Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missile defense system which is the move directed at deterring North Korean ballistic missile attacks.

North Korea:

It is no secret that Trump has stated desire to meet the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un to discuss Pyongyang’s nuclear program.

It seems that many have taken this proposal as a bright light as many believe Obama’s administration and policy a failure. But it seems that North Koreans themselves didn’t believe in the proposal and believed it as a campaign policy.


Trump has made it clear that he would work towards a firm relationship with India, saying that he would be “best of friends” with India, and also broadcasted a message in Hindi saying “Ab ki baar Trump sarkar,” (which means “this time, a Trump government”) referring to Modi’s campaign slogan during his 2014 elections.

But close ties between India and Obama could take a turn for worse. Who knows?

Immediate Impact:

Prices of Oil fell drastically Wednesday as Mr. Donald Trump was elected as 45th president of United States. Oil prices all over Asia and financial markets globally fell following Trump’s win.