Hugh Freeze's Coaching Career Halts as He Resigned From Ole Miss! Details

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Hugh Freeze's Coaching Career Halts as He Resigned From Ole Miss! Details

The tenure of the head coach of 'Ole Miss,' Hugh Freeze has ended yesterday night as he resigned from the post. He quit his chore amid scandal while the Rebel's athletic director unveiled the reason behind his immediate action.

He told ESPN that school officials found a pattern containing phone calls to a number linked to a female escort service. This particular reason caused Hugh to take the acerb step.

Hugh Freeze's Termination From His Post:

In a press conference held on Thursday night, 'Ole Miss' Chancellor Jeffrey Vitter addressed the media about the termination of the then head coach Hugh Freeze.

Caption: The news conference held on July 20 that declared Hugh's departure (Published on Jul 20, 2017).

He announced that Hugh has resigned after confirming to him and athletic director, Ross Bjork. He reasoned that act as:

"a pattern of personal conduct inconsistent with the standard of expectations for the leader of our football team."

Vitter further added:

"While Coach Freeze served our university well in many regards during his tenure, we simply cannot accept the conduct in his personal life that we have discovered."

Furthermore, Vitter committed that he and Ross Bjork met with Hough on Wednesday night keeping the meeting concealed, as he didn't disclose their discussions from the evening.

Later, on Thursday night, Hugh came up with the decision of ending his coaching career in front of the two. Bjork opened up about the incident with ESPN separately and told:

"Once we looked at the rest of the phone records we found a pattern. It was troubling."

He called the incident a "sad" and "unexpected" day for 'Ole Miss,'

"Had Freeze not resigned, the school would have exercised a 'moral turpitude' termination clause in Freeze's contract."

The management team has also decided to promote assistant coach, Matt Luke as interim head coach. Luke, who has worked as a co-offensive coordinator and offensive line coach in his sixth season, will be coaching the team onwards.

Offensive coordinator and quarterbacks' coach, Phil Longo tweeted an image several hours after the announcement of the termination of Hough's career with 'Ole Miss'; showing the unified team.

Hugh Freeze's Career And Contract Details:

Hugh Freeze has been coaching the 'Ole Miss' team since 2012 and lasted five seasons as head coach before his termination announced last night. His tenure was a successful one, with a win of nearly 60 percent of the games for his team.

Caption: Hugh Freeze in one of the games during his tenure with Ole Miss.

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For the six seasons, Hugh Freeze, 47, had a 39-25 record with the Rebels which includes a 19-21 mark against SEC. The year 2016 was not as good as earlier, as he recorded only 10-3, which consequently made Ole Miss slip to 5-7 this past season.

With the end of his coaching career; $2 million worth huge amount is left on his contract for this year, $5 million next year and $5.15 million for the season of 2019.

The salary of the coach was $4.3 million as of the year 2015 which rose to $4.7 million in 2016 and is going to end up this year. However, with such massive salary that made him the third-highest paid coach; he has accumulated a brilliant net worth of $4.3 million.

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