Juan Diego Botto Saved His Married Life! Is Back With Wife In A Reunited Family

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Juan Diego Botto Saved His Married Life! Is Back With Wife In A Reunited Family

A reason to be with the person whom you love is enough regardless of thousand of causes which might lead to a separation. The relationship between "Good Behaviour" actor Juan Diego Botto and the mother of his daughter turned sour and even led to their separation. But their desire to be with each other won over the problems of their relationship and today they enjoy a blissful relationship.

So let's have a look at the real issue resulting in their separation and how they reconciled and rekindled their love with one another.

Juan Diego Botto's Separation And Reconciliation With The Mother of His Daughter:

Actor Juan Diego Botto has had his share of ups and downs in his romantic affair with a famous journalist and a former assistant director of ElDiario.es, Olga Rodríguez. The couple, who shares a seven-year-old daughter Salma together, decided to venture in separate paths in November 2015 after facing some tough times and rough patches in their relationship.

A source close to the couple at that time stated that they were on "friendly break." At that time Juan had begun to shoot for the series 'Good Conduct,' and the distance which arose because of professional commitment became the main problem in their relationship which ultimately became the reason for their separation.

In an interview, Juan shared the beautiful memory associated with the love of his life and said that when he first saw Olga leave a local,  he was smitten by her.

"I saw a pretty girl walking out of a bar and talking on the phone, so I put my jacket on her so she would not be cold."

A year later of separation in November 2016 the news of their reconciliation surfaced and said that the pair has resolved their quarrels and reached an understanding point. They got even stronger after spending more time with one another, and they were often seen together and together in a happy fashion.

While spending quality time makes the relationship better, lack of time for your partner amidst busy schedule has the opposite effect. Moreover, Juan shared a picture with Olga via Instagram with a caption which draws attention.


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Thankfully, the relationship got salvaged by mutual efforts, and now they seem to have gotten married as Juan shares a picture via Instagram where they both have been showing their hands with rings on the ring fingers.

The picture indicates that not only have they salvaged their relationship, they have also taken it to a whole new level, and the couple has become husband and wife.


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However, the marriage of the couple have not been confirmed officially, but this picture speaks volumes about their current relationship. Further, he seems to be enjoying the experience of fatherhood as evident in his Instagram post.


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By the looks of it, the actor, who stands over 1.8 m in height, has been blessed with such an adorable family.

And did you know, his father, who also happens to be an actor, disappeared during a tough time of military strife in Argentina and after his disappearance, Cristina Rota, his mother moved the family to Spain? Also, he is a brother to his sisters María Botto and Nur Al Levi.

And the love and the support of his family members along with his hard work and the success he has earned through his acting career, has helped this man earn a fair amount of fortune in his life. That is the reason why he is said to have an estimated net worth of $1 million, which he has not confirmed in actual figure yet.