Julio Cesar Chavez Relishing Married Life With Wife! Vacay From Punches

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Julio Cesar Chavez Relishing Married Life With Wife! Vacay From Punches

Julio Cesar is the name any boxing fans would recognize in a second. Mexico's top boxer, Julio Cesar Chavez's statistics, and games are already the records for many fans; however, many may be familiar with his married life.

Let's unfold the married life of Julio Cesar Chavez to help you all get acquainted with it!

Glancing At Julio Cesar Chavez's Married Life

Life would not be beautiful if there is no one to share things with and marriage is one of such bonds that provides you with somebody, with whom you can pour your heart out. Well, in this regard Julio Cesar is fortunate as he has his life-partner, Myriam Escobar in his life. The six-time world title winner, Julio Cesar married Myriam on September 8, 2014, keeping the ceremony fairly private.

He tied the knot with Myriam at his home in Tijuana holding a small ceremony after spending 18 years together. Julio also revealed the exciting detail of couple sharing a daughter together, in one of his interviews by saying,

“We decided to get married after 18 years together and to have a beautiful daughter (Nicole), it was just a formality, because Myriam was already my wife in every way.”

Julio who was previously married to his ex-wife, Amalia Carrasco de Chavez, shares two sons, Omar Chavez and Julio Cesar Chavez Junior, with her. But he seemingly is closer with his daughter Nicole.

Julio often provides the glimpse of his family time together. One of such instances was on Nicole’s birthday where the family of three celebrated the occasion together. Julio posted an image on Instagram on November 4, 2016, that speaks volumes of the family bond.

Aside from birthday celebration, Julio enjoyed the red carpet ceremony together with his wife and daughter, as evident in his Instagram. Sharing an image of the family, Julio posted the picture with the caption,

“Ready and handsome, my daughter @nicolechavez98 and my wife for the red carpet of @jcchavezlaserie in @aztecauno

The family’s bond together, via all these posts, is so evidently visible. Moreover, Julio's married life is also enough answer for the roaming rumors of being gay.

Julio Cesar’s Short Bio

Julio Cesar Chavez was born on July 12, 1962, in Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, Mexico to the parents, Rodolfo Chavez Lizarraga and Isabel Gonzalez. He shares five sisters and four brothers, with whom he grew up in an abandoned railroad car. Julio was born in the not so economically stable family as his father worked for the railroad and his mother used to wash and iron others clothes.

Chavez initiated his boxing career due to his poverty starting at the age of 16. Later he moved to Tijuana to pursue a professional career and made a professional debut at the age of 17. Following the debut, Julio devoted his whole life to boxing and made a profound career out of it. Moreover, both his sons from his former wife has also followed their father's path and are professional boxers.

From his boxing career, Julio won various awards and acclaims like six times world title winner in three weight divisions. Considering his contribution to the sports, Julio was also included in the 'International Boxing Hall of Fame' for the Class of 2011. His top boxing career also awarded him with the net worth of $10 Million. 

As of now, he works as an analyst for ESPN and TV Azteca.