Kidnapping Victim Denise Huskins Gets Engaged to her Boyfriend Aaron Quinn!

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Kidnapping Victim Denise Huskins Gets Engaged to her Boyfriend Aaron Quinn!

Two years after being tormented in a heart-chilling Vallejo home invasion as well as kidnapping and putting their attacker in prison for at least four decades, finally, Denise Huskins and her boyfriend Aaron Quinn are engaged. Both are soon to be married!

Huskins posted pictures of engagement on Facebook over the weekend of Aaron Quinn popping the question at an undisclosed venue. The engagement comes as the young couple, Huskins, and Quinn both 31, begins to move on from the kidnapping nightmare and its terrible aftermath where the Vallejo police department publicly accused them of a hoax.

According to a wiki, Huskins and Quinn were dating and living together when convicted kidnapper Matthew Muller broke into their Mare Island house two years ago in March of 2015.

 Muller then drugged Aaron Quinn and tied him up as well as put headphones on both victims with pre-recorded messages and made it seem as though he was one of the several people in a kidnapping gang. Moreover, he reportedly dressed up a blow-up doll in military gear to add to his ruse although the fact was that he acted alone.

Muller was finally sentenced in federal court in March of 2017 and convicted to 40 years behind bars which are just two days before Quinn popped the question.

Matt hew Muller spoke during his sentencing hearing and said that:

 "I’m still sick with shame that my actions have been so devastating to Ms. Huskins and Mr. Quinn."

He also said that he suffers from bipolar disorder along with extreme paranoia as well as psychosis. Huskins said during the sentencing hearing in March of 2017:

“I am so grateful for Aaron, standing by my side and giving me strength and support as I continue to struggle. He knows exactly how to calm me, care for me, how to hold me in the midst of my nightmares. The thought of returning to his arms during those 48 hours helped get me through it, and I never want him to let me go. He gives me peace, love, laughter and hope in humanity.”

Congratulations Denise and Aaron and wish them a blissful life ahead!