Laura Gallacher Is A Married Woman! A Glimpse At Her Glorious Wedding Day

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Laura Gallacher Is A Married Woman! A Glimpse At Her Glorious Wedding Day

Laura Gallacher gives Russell Brand a new hope, as the two are now married to one another!

In a delightful turn of events, Laura Gallacher tied the knot with her boyfriend turned fiance and the father of her baby daughter, Mabel, Russell Brand, to officially make him her husband.

The wedding was close and intimate and was conducted in a quiet and leafy area of Oxfordshire on Saturday as the two exchanged their vows in front of their family and friends.

Laura looked stunning as she wore her blonde hair down and wavy, and matching her beauty was Russel, who looked dashing in his waistcoat, with an unbuttoned white shirt exposing his chest.

Caption: Laura Gallagher and Russell Brand got married on Saturday night.

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The wedding was worth £2300; Rusell employed the money to charter the New Orleans steamer to shuttle the wedding guests to an Indian-themed reception with the employees in saris. 

Noel Gallagher, Jonathan Ross, and David Badie were among the guests, but the star of the ceremony was their daughter, who was the maid of honor at the event.

A source close to the newly weds said,

"They wanted a very small, personal affair with their daughter Mabel, family and close friends rather than a circus.

"It was a lovely occassion. Mabel was guest of honour."

The two, who began dating back in 2015, first met one another in 2007, and they are now in a different stratosphere, and we would like to wish them the very best for their happy relationship and their family life with their daughter in the days to come!

Did you know, Brand was previously married to pop star Katy Perry?

Brand and Katy got married back in 2010 but called it quits back in 2012. Opening up about their failed marriage and his former partner, Brand said,

“Obviously the marriage didn't last for a very long time, and I think that is to do with the undulated nature of fame and that living in those conditions and what was happening,”

"I have come away from that experience feeling — I still feel very warm towards her.”

He concluded,

"I feel like, when I hear about her or see her, 'Aw, there's that person,'”

“There's that person in the world.”

A Short Wiki-Like Bio of Laura Gallacher:

June 28, 1987, born Laura Gallacher is a native of England. She is the sister of Kirsty Gallacher, a British sports reporter, and a television host. 

She also is a crafting enthusiast, as she showcases her creations on her Instagram account which goes by the handle, "thejoyjournal."