Laurie Oakes Takes Retirement From An Extensive Channel 9 Career! Says It's Time To "Quit"

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Laurie Oakes Takes Retirement From An Extensive Channel 9 Career! Says It's Time To "Quit"

The political journalist Laurie Oakes announces his retirement!

After 52 years of political journalism, the legendary political journalist Laurie Oakes came up with his latest scoop that he is retiring. He says it’s time as he approaches his 74th birthday.

So, the Nine Network’s political editor, who has served people with 52 years of breaking stories in Canberra, is going to retire on August 18, as per the announcement he made on Wednesday afternoon.

With the announcement of retirement, he also added his experience, saying,

“I’ve loved every moment of being a political journalist. It’s a job that matters, it’s full of fascinating characters, full of high drama.”

He also announced his political interest is never going to die.

“But it’s hard work and to do the job properly you have to live it, I’ve slowed down. I’ll stay interested in politics but I’ll watch it from a distance like most normal people.”

Additionally, Nine News Australia socialized the news with an official tweet.

The 73-year-old Canberra stalwart was a pessimist about the state of Australian politics calling it as “a mess.” However, he maintained a calm environment, saying that the political situation is not as bad as of the United States.

Former prime minister Julia Gillard also reacted on Laurie’s decision and told Nine that politics would be unrecognizable without him.

The other politicians and media persons also tweeted relating Laurie’s decision of retirement. Barnaby Joyce, the former Australian deputy prime minister, marked him the best of all.

The famous journalist, Leigh Sales, also called him unmatchable talented personality.

The political reporter for ABC News in South Australia, Nick Harmsen, congratulated him on his great career.

Laurie has served for many years in the field of journalism; so it's high time he takes care of his health and enjoys his life after retirement.

A Look Back At Laurie Oakes’s Career:

Laurie Oakes began his career by covering rounds for the Daily Mirror in Sydney in 1965, and later he became the Melbourne Sun’s Canberra Bureau Chief. He has also provided political commentaries for the TV program, Willesee at Seven.

Moreover, he wrote about politics for The Age in Melbourne and the Sunday Telegraph in Sydney.

After all these tasks, Mr. Oakes went on to become the face of Channel 9’s political coverage. He has covered thirteen prime ministers, some 20 federal elections, 51 federal budgets and has also won Walkley Award thrice.

Through all these years, Laurie has a great family support, the support that has been the reason for actively indulging in the field.

Talking about Laurie's family, it comprises of his wife, four children, and ten grandchildren. He has married his wife Kathryn Cole twice till the age of 72.