Legendary Sportscaster Bob Costas Ends the 24-year Run as NBC's Olympic Host!

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Legendary Sportscaster Bob Costas Ends the 24-year Run as NBC's Olympic Host!

After legends, Dick Enberg and Chris Berman, Sports Anchor God Bob Costas announces his resignation from hosting future Olympics game. The news got broken while Bob was making an advance announcement of NBC’S schedules on the “Today” show on the NBC network. In an interview with NBC, Bob disclosed Mike Tirico, as the successor for the upcoming Winter Olympics which will get held in South Korea on 2018.  

Similarly, Bob gave a clear explanation of taking such decision, not due to his health issue but a decision which was taken a year back where all the staffs in the NBC were aware of it and also informed the sports lover the decision to be his transition but not his retirement.

With the stltoday.com he said:

“People at NBC knew about it, but we didn’t want it even in the tiniest way to obscure our coverage of Rio last summer or get in the way or distract us in any way. So we waited until now, exactly a year out from the start of the Winter Olympics in South Korea, to make the announcement.”

Bob further added:

“I decided a transition, not a retirement, was in order for me. I feel like I have a whole lot of years left in broadcasting and I want to use them as wisely as I can to do some of the things that I feel most connected to. And the Olympics, certainly, would be very high on that list as I look back over my career.”

While the sports viewers and the fans of Bob took the news as a heart tearing one and poured their unhappiness via tweets.

Despite leaving the position of Olympic host, Bob would still continue to appear in the NBC sports, news program and would somewhat have a common role like of Tom Brokaw, while he would continue to work for the MLB Network. Bob indulged himself as the host of Olympics since 1988 by serving as a night host at Seoul since then he has worked for around 24 years as the NBC Sports’ primetime Olympic host.