Married Twice, ABC's T. J. Holmes Acted as Wedding Officiant Live, Wife and Daughter?

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“It is my pleasure to pronounce you husband and wife”, something the oblivious people walking by Times Square were least expecting to hear. There was the first ever wedding conducted in the middle of Times Square and the first wedding to be organized by the Good Morning America team as well, so you know it had to be big. It was officiated by a familiar face from GMA, TJ Holmes@tjholmes.
Married Twice, ABC's T. J. Holmes Acted as Wedding Officiant Live, Wife and Daughter?

People chose the most exotic and secret destinations that they can find and afford when it comes to their special day of the wedding. Among those places 'Times Square' may be the least expected places to be one of them. To make the matter more interesting, it was done all on-air. The unique wedding was officiated by a first minister, GMA's TJ Holmes.

TJ Holmes shocked all of his viewers when he revealed his unknown qualification to unite two lovers in a matrimony. Find out all about the wedding and don't forget to learn about the personal life of TJ Holmes himself. Who is he married to? Does he have any children?

“It is my pleasure to pronounce you husband and wife,” was something the oblivious people walking by Times Square were least expecting to hear. It was the first ever wedding conducted in the middle of Times Square and the first wedding to be organized by the Good Morning America team as well, so as you can assume, it had to be big. It was officiated by a familiar face from Good Morning America, T.J. Holmes (Loutelious "T. J." Holmes, Jr.).

The Celebrity Minister officiating wedding:

The marriage was the first of 16 other nuptials that GMA had planned to conduct over the 24 hours (like a marathon) from locations over the world. The first wedding between Robert Torrez and Laura Valverde was held rather nicely by the substitute host of GMA, GMA weekend and other ABC programs. It turns out that Holmes is a registered minister. T.J, @tjholmes, conducted the ceremony like a professional with frequent few laughs.

He began the entire ceremony with, “If anybody here who sees for any reasons that these two shouldn’t be joined in matrimony… Keep it to yourself!” and proceeded to deliver one of the most heart-warming speeches on a wedding, ever. He even dined with the lucky couple a day before to get to know them better.

Holmes also mentioned the couple’s long journey of 4 years and a brief break-up. Then he went on to talk about the exciting event of how Torrez had proposed to Valverde.

Caption: TJ Holmes and Crew on Grease Lightning Wedding Proposal

T.J. Holmes' Married Life and his Wife:

After looking at the way how Holmes officiated the wedding, you might have been his own marital life. TJ Holmes has married twice in his life.He was married to MSNBC news anchor Amy Ferson for a short while until they got divorced in 2007. He probably first met her at CNN. 

Later, he met and instantly fell in love with Marilee Fiebig,@marileefholmes after shortly dating R&B singer Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas. After nearly dating Marilee for one-year, they decided to get married on March 1, 2010. They always look delighted together just like in this photo, where he admits that she is a keeper.

Caption: T.J. with his wife Marilee, who is an experienced immigration lawyer

It seems like they are a happily married couple. Every time Holmes is asked about his wife, he always manages to praise her.

In the essay titled "Why did I get Married?" that he penned for in 2014, he writes about how his wife assisted him to improve his life.

Here's a excerpt of his eassy

Not only is my marriage still intact, it’s actually working pretty well, and that made me uncomfortable. You see, I didn’t fully understand why my marriage was flourishing, and I feared that if I didn’t understand what we were doing right, how would we know what to keep doing?

Well, I think I’ve figured it out, and my eureka moment came just this week as I was putting together a business email. I asked my wife to review it, and she thought the tone of the email was too aggressive, confrontational and negative. She was right. Her input stopped me from making the mistake of hitting send. That innocuous example is emblematic of our entire relationship. In all I do, I have a partner looking out for me, advising me, keeping me on track and stopping me from making a mistake, no matter how great or small.

Also, I’m still the same guy at my core, but look at what has changed in my life since I got married: My family and I are closer, my individual net worth has gone up every year since we met, I’ve learned a second language, I’m healthier, I use the n-word less, I listen to Sunday church service more, I’m a better friend, I’m more forgiving than I used to be, I’m more involved in charitable work.

In every way, I’m better off because I’m married. So, for me, a successful marriage has revolved around this principle: I like who I am with her.”

My pastor always reminds me: You should get around people who make you say to yourself, “I gotta do better.” I married the person who makes me say that to myself every day. I want her to be proud of me. Her presence is constant motivation. I don’t always succeed, but I’m always at least trying to do the right thing or improve, and in doing so, I’ve become a better son, friend, journalist, citizen and husband.

I, like many other men, thought that I wanted to reach a certain level of success before marriage. You know, make the right amount of money, get the right job, the right car, the right crib, etc., and perhaps “sow the royal oats.” Now, I firmly believe the success we seek can come a lot quicker with a partner helping along the way. Believe me, my ego is as big as anyone’s, but recognizing my own deficiencies, admitting to myself that I need help and accepting that help have all been critical to our success. We’re only on year No. 4, but I shudder to think of the kind of man I might be if I wasn’t married these past four years.”

T.J. Holmes' Children:

T.J. Holmes has three children but only one with his present life partner, Marilee.  

Marilee and T.J.'s  lovely daughter, Sabine was born in January 2013. He has another teenager daughter with his ex-wife Amy and is named Diana. His third child was a son with his high school girlfriend, Brooke More, named Jaiden.

Among them, he seems particularly close to his youngest daughter, Sabine, from his present relationship as seen in these pictures like the one from the father’s day.

With his Daughter Sabine:


His Awards:

TJ Holmes is also a recipient of multiple honorable positions. Speaking about the honors he has received in his life are being included as one on the 100 black men of Atlanta and the National Association of Black Journalist.

He is also one of the Board of Visitors at Emory University and Chancellor Board of Members for the University of Arkansas. He was also named one of The Root 100 List of Most Influential Black Americans.

T.J. Holmes Keynotes SUNY Oswego’s 28th annual Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration

TJ Holmes continued the tradition of celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. and his achievements, together with the State University of New York City as he delivered a monumental speech at the 28th Annual Luther King Jr. Celebration. The university was quite happy to present this opportunity to Holmes as associate dean of students Dan Roberts was quoted saying,

“As an internationally renowned news anchor and journalist, T.J. Holmes has seen firsthand the great challenges that face people around the world. In each instance, whether it be his coverage of natural disasters or terrorist attacks, he has seen the power we as people have to overcome adversity through unity and our shared humanity,”

He further added,

“T.J.’s ability to share these inspirational experiences will no doubt empower all those that attend this year’s Martin Luther King Jr. celebration.”

Caption: T.J. Holmes speaks to the students of SUNY at the 28th Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration, Oswego

Award-winning journalist TJ Holmes is a Correspondent and substitute co-host of ABC, but before this, he has worked most of his career with CNN. He has also been involved with other networks like MSNBC and BET.

The current New York resident gained his degree in broadcast journalism from the University of Arkansas to start his profession. He can be seen hosting GMA weekends, World News Now, GMA and America This Morning in the absence of any permanent hosts.