Oliver Stone's Upcoming Movie 'Snowden': Pretty Accurate Portrayal of Edward Snowden

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Oliver Stone's Upcoming Movie 'Snowden': Pretty Accurate Portrayal of Edward Snowden

Perhaps one of the most controversial stories is that of Edward Snowden. A matter of controversy, Snowden has been called by various names: a hero, a whistleblower, a dissident, a patriot, and a traitor. Brace yourself! Now Movie on the character of Snowden is out by Oliver Stone. The big man himself, Edward Snowden has labeled it as an actual portrait.

Caption: Snowden official Trailer

Real Snowden Speaks !

Yes, Edward Snowden has said that Oliver Stone’s movie Snowden, the dramatization of Edward’s story is a “pretty accurate portrayal."

Snowden appeared on a first public screening of Stone’s film via google Hangouts from Moscow at Comic-Con. There was an audience interaction program including star Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  

Snowden spoke to journalists saying there wasn’t much fictionalization in the movie which archives his journey from 2004 to 2013 when he released secret documents of security to press.

"I don't think anybody looks forward to having a movie made about themselves, particularly someone who is a privacy advocate," Snowden laughed but said that there was a "kind of magic" to the film and it has that potential ability to reach a large audience through narrative storytelling which story demands.

"I'm not an actor. I don't think anyone in politics is really charismatic enough to connect with people on issues that are so abstract," Snowden said. "But (actors) can reach new audiences in new ways and get people talking about things that they don't have time to read (or) to look for in the academic setting. By watching the lived experiences ... and tying it back in that magic Oliver Stone moment, it was something that made me really nervous but I think it worked."

Reel life Snowden: Joseph Gordon-Levitt !

Caption: Real and reel life Snowden.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, movie’s lead character has said that it meant a lot.

"We did nine takes from several angles," Stone said. "We got there eventually but it was a painful day."

Gordon-Levitt has portrayed the role of Edward Snowden in the movie and pretty actual, actually!