Owen Smith on Recreating the Ministry of Labour: Commitment For Greater Equality At Work

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Owen Smith on Recreating the Ministry of Labour: Commitment For Greater Equality At Work

Britain is in the phase of recovery after Brexit’s hangover. Apart from Brexit, The Labour Party of UK is set to have leadership election in 2016.

By the end of June in 2016, Angela Eagle and Owen Smith were being promoted to contest the leadership. Eagle announced her candidacy on 11 July and Smith doing likewise on 13 July. Owen Smith has intended to set out his plans later for a "fair" Britain.

Caption: Owen Smith on his Labour leadership bid on July 25, 2016.

Labour leadership candidate, Owen Smith, has set out his plans to strengthen workers' rights and trade union powers, and also promised a workplace "revolution".

In a major speech in the dawn of forthcoming Labour leadership election which is set to happen on September 24, 2016. 

Smith has said that in his pursuit of greater equality in a Britain, he will set campaigns for workers’ rights, and establish a Ministry of Labour if he is Prime Minister and if he is appointed a shadow of State for Labour if he is elected party leader.

'Equality of Outcome':

In a speech at the site of the former Orgreave coking plant in South Yorkshire, Mr Smith has spoken that greater equality must be at the heart of Labour's "mission for Britain".

He also committed to focusing on various policies on achieving "equality of outcome" rather than "equality of opportunity".

 Here is an extract from the speech:

 "We need to rediscover a sense of national mission for Britain."

"A faith in our country as having a future as bright as it’s past. And one where the fruits of our collective success are shared more equally between us."

'"Where outcomes can be equal, not just the opportunities we create. That is why I am in politics. The Labour party has achieved so much for social justice, but we need to be more than just our history. So in the next few weeks, I'll be setting out my vision for Labour's future."

"A future of fair taxes, fair employment and fair funding.  That means investment, not cuts with a British New Deal to defeat Tory austerity and re-balance the country."

“And under my leadership, it would mean a strengthening of employment rights including creating a new Shadow Cabinet Secretary of State for Labour tasked with making Britain the envy of the world for the quality of our jobs and the protections they have, so workers have access to better terms and conditions."