Presidential Election 2016: What Was The Expenditure of Nominees In Their Election Campaign? Policies Regarding Election

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Presidential Election 2016: What Was The Expenditure of Nominees In Their Election Campaign? Policies Regarding Election

Everything comes at an expense so why shouldn’t being the President be any different. So, how much does it take to be a President, well through series of the complicated process it can resolve to millions.

This year’s Presidential Election 2016 has turned out to be groundbreaking comparatively to the previous elections. The total cost has been estimated to be as much as 1.13 billion USD until only October as opposed to 913 million from the 2012 elections.

 While many people underestimate the costs for the Presidential elections believing it nothing more than standing on stage and presenting yourself to the voters, there are high expenses in party endorsements, media advertisements, staffs for the campaign, Public Speech Management, Fundraising events and much more.

Despite big sums rose for the campaign of the top dogs Republican Candidate Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, some other candidates who dropped out, in the end, all have no less than 300 million dollars raised for their campaigns.

Caption: How Much Does It Cost To Run For President?

Hillary Clinton:

Hillary Clinton was able to raise the biggest amount of sum for her campaign which has been calculated to be of 1.3 billion dollars. Major of Hillary’s campaign expenses was collected from her campaign of about 556 million dollars, with 544.4 million dollars while her party and other fundraising committees and an 188 million dollars from Super PACs.

As of October Clinton has already used 93 percent of her that sum and left with only 62.4 million dollars.

Donald Trump:

Donald Trump is second in the rankings, having raised about 794 million USD. He raised 248.3 million dollars through his own campaign but the majority of 486.7 million dollars from his party and other fundraising events while he got only 60.1 million dollars from Super PACs.

He has used 96 percent of that money and is now left with 16 million dollars.

Ben Carson:

At the same time Trump’s party rival, Dr. Ben Carson also managed to raise a lot of money from his campaigns. He might not have made it even until the end of the elections, perhaps under-shadowed by Donald Trump. He to managed to 31.4 million dollars and spent 20.1 million dollars.

Bernie Sanders:

Hillary Clinton’s party rival Bernie Sanders also quit the race to the Presidency in February but still managed to raise a considerable amount of money. He was able to raise 41.5 million dollars from his campaign for their expenses and spent 14.3 million dollars of it.

But even with all the expenses of the party campaigns, there is still tons of expenses that arise indirectly due to the elections especially for the voting process. The expenses also have to cover up certain privileges of the election day like at least 1-3 hours paid labor leave, free transportation costs, free zip car renting costs, free childcare, 200 to 300 dollars paid to poll workers, 11 states and 326 companies providing a holiday on election day and much more.

So it turns out that as big of a deal Presidential Elections is, it has an equally great importance in financial aspects.