Ronald D. Moore on "Outlander" Season 2 Finale: Took Experience From "Game of Thrones

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Ronald D. Moore on "Outlander" Season 2 Finale: Took Experience From "Game of Thrones

The ‘Dragonfly in Amber,’ was marked as the last episode of the 2016 Outlander season 2. It was undoubtedly the great edition with the same intensity of thrill as the first season. However, it was short-lived as it consisted only thirteen episodes unlike the sixteen in the previous season.

Pays Game of Thrones Credit For The Experience He Earned:

The producer of the show, Ronald D. Moore, is credited for the accomplishments that the series has made, but the man himself owes the success to what he has learned from another "epic series." As a  producer of Outlander, Ronald opens up about the challenges of filming the series,

Caption: Outlander's Creator, Ron Moore Previews Season 3, Published on Jul 18, 2017.

When talking about what helped him get Outlander to the doors of television, he gives credit to Game of Thrones.

You must be wondering why Ronald D. Moore, @RonDMoore, the producer of a popular fantasy series Outlander, takes ideas and help from another fantasy series. Well, this is why. In an exclusive talk with Deadline, he talks about how he keeps it balanced and how he includes his experience as a viewer of the game of thrones, in the making of Outlander.

Speaking to Deadline on July 9, 2016, he said,

"And I always go to my own experience on Game Of Thrones. I watch Game Of Thrones. I think it’s great; I enjoy it, but I’ve never read those books, and so there are definitely times, especially in some of the earlier seasons, where I was lost. I would have to hit pause and turn to my wife and say, “OK, wait a minute, who is that and how did this happen?” and then she would explain it and I would watch the show again."

He added,

"So with Outlander, I’m always remembering my own experience as viewers who doesn’t know the source material and using that to sort of help guide me through Outlander because they are very different audiences."

Both the Game Of Thrones fans and Outlander fans share some similar viewing experience, which is; "expect the unexpected." If they haven't read the books, the series is based on, thrill, interest, perplexity, which quadruples the excitement.

There is also good news for everyone, as Outlander is already renewed for the fourth season. Star Trek screenwriter and producer Ronald D. Moore have some plans for beautifying the next season too. With Deadline, he also discussed adapting Gabaldon’s 1993 book Voyager to the next season storyline.

Outlander is a British-American television series based on novels written by Diana Gabaldon, which first premiered on August 9, 2014. The story builds on a historic time travel. The series falls into the drama, romance and sci-fi genres. However, the third season is all set to air on September 10 this year.

You can check out the official trailer of the third season here,

Caption: Outlander Season 3's Official Trailer. Published on Apr 17, 2017

Let's hope this series does justice to the fan's expectations!

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