Roxy Jacenko, on Work, After Breast Cancer Diagnosis: Unsure on Visiting Jailed Husband

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Roxy Jacenko, on Work, After Breast Cancer Diagnosis: Unsure on Visiting Jailed Husband

Just weeks after her investment banker husband, Oliver Curtis was jailed on the charge of conspiring to commit insider trading; another tragedy has hit Roxy Jacenko.

Caption: She says she has been handling her responsibility towards her kids along with her fight against cancer.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer after she found out a lump on her left breast while showering. Roxy, who blames her husband for the turmoil in her life, seems like she won't be attending Curtis in confinement for some interval.

Roxy Jacenko, a businesswoman, and director of Sydney-based public relations firm, was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was still coping with a year-long imprisonment of her husband. She claimed that the stress over her husband’s issue had a significant role in provoking her cancer

The CEO of 'Cancer Council Australia', Professor Sanchia Aranda says that evidence can be furnished to prove that there is a link between her stress and cancer.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Roxy said,“Could this have added to it? You know what? I am not going to say no. Of course, I think any added aggro in someone’s life can lead to things like this, but it is no fault of Oli’s. It is in my family; mum had it.”

She is said to undergo surgery to remove the infected lump partially from the breast. Keeping in mind the factor that she has a breast cancer, she has chosen not to halt. In fact, she says, “everything is business as usual.”

The mother of two kids, Pixie and Hunter, talked with 9news, and this is what she had to say, “You never expect things in life, you’ve got to tackle things head, and that’s what I’m going to do, I’ve got two young kids and I’m going to keep doing what I do and it’s business as usual.”

When Daily Mail Uk asked her about when she was going to visit her husband in jail, she said she was unsure about when she will be able to visit her husband. She says, "Being so removed from your family is challenging at the best of times, throw in a health matter and it becomes a whole new ball game. My last visit was Monday; I am unsure when I'll be able to go next."

She has resumed her work again and is waiting for the surgery that will reveal the progress of her breast cancer.