Rudy Giuliani's Fire Breathing Speech in Republican National Convention: 'America Is in Serious Danger'

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Rudy Giuliani's Fire Breathing Speech in Republican National Convention: 'America Is in Serious Danger'

In the dawn of the elections, Rudy Giuliani delivered an electrifying speech on the opening night at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland on 19th of July, 2016.

Caption: Rudy Giuliani on Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

The American businessman, Donald J Trump is running to be America’s next president from Republican Party with slogan “Make America Great Again”. The slogan has provided the presumptive Nominee a required boost. Constitutionally, the 2016's Presidential election is prescribed to be held on November 8 of 2016, as  

Rudy Giuliani, a former New York mayor,  delivered a passionate message to terrorists. His straightforward message blazed the convention with the round of applauses. The theme of the night was “Make America Safe Again” and Giuliani urged not to be afraid of enemies. He said,

"You know who you are, and we're coming to get you. We must not be afraid to define our enemy. It is Islamic extremist terrorism. This is why our enemies see us as weak and vulnerable."

'America is in 'Serious Danger' -Giuliani

Giuliani is known for his response to 2001 terror attacks, which apparently rose him to the limelight. In his speech, Giuliani launched a strenuous defense of police and mirrored the Republican stance "America is in serious danger".

Giuliani delivered the speech on very next day of a shooting. The shooting had taken the lives o f three police officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on 18th July 2016.

“The vast majority of Americans today do not feel safe. They fear for their children,” Giuliani said, condemning President Barack Obama.

On the contrary, crimes are down to 16 percent since Obama took administration.

Donald, you got Giuliani's back!

Rudy Giuliani has backed Donald Trump to be successful president of America in terms of bringing safety to the citizens of USA.

"What I did for New York City, Donald Trump will do for America," Giuliani said.

Giuliani also projected Trump as the leader whom U.S should welcome if they were to triumph over the Islamic state.

"Donald Trump has said the first step in defeating our enemies is to identify them properly and see the connections between them," Giuliani said. "To defeat Islamic extremist terrorism we must put them on defense," he said. "If they are at war against us which they have declared, we must commit ourselves to unconditional victory against them."

"This includes undoing one of the worst deals America ever made ? Obama's Nuclear Agreement with Iran that will eventually let them become a nuclear power and put billions of dollars back into a country that the world's biggest state sponsor of terrorism”. Giuliani further added.