Shocking News! Actor Clay Adler Dies at the Tender Age of 27 by Committing Suicide

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Shocking News! Actor Clay Adler Dies at the Tender Age of 27 by Committing Suicide

MTV alum Clay Adler dies at the young age of 27 after he shot himself in the head. The actor was out in the desert on 25 March shooting with friends when he killed himself.

The actor was taken to hospital where doctor kept him alive for few hours. As per the reports, he was all clean and later took his last breath the following day.

Caption: Clay Adler dies at the tender age of 27 on 26th March. (Published on April 11, 2017)

According to sources, Clay Adler struggled with mental illness in the past. Clay’s father Frank said,

“It was suicide.”

Frank further explained the deeds of his son as he mentioned,

“Clay had requested that his organs — and he did this years ago when he applied for a driver’s license — that his organs be donated to people -done some amazing things. He’s saved about four or five lives already and there should be more.”

According to Frank, he was not aware of his son’s struggle in his personal life.

“There were no signs. No real sign.”

He also revealed that his son had been clean for several years. Along with the great loss, Frank is also proud of his son how he has given new life to many people and also proclaimed how he cherished his last moment while Clay was on his way of all flesh. He told,

“We had an amazing time with him at the hospital. We saw him every minute of every day while he was there. They kept him alive a little bit longer so that he could do the donations we’re talking about. The hospital did say that he’s donated more than they’ve ever seen because his internals were in phenomenal shape.”

MTV issued a statement about Clay, which reads,

"We are saddened by the news of Clay Adler's passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends at this time."

Along with work in MTV, the former reality star also made his career in acting actively in the few movies like Newport Harbor: The Real Orange Country (2007), Make IT or Break It (2009) and The Fish Tank (2009).

The world has lost one of the warm personality, but the fact that will stay forever is that the positive legacy that Clay Adler continued will make him alive in many people.

Rest In Peace Clay!