Sobbing Aisha Tyler Leaves 'The Talk' Just A Month After Divorce With Husband!

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Sobbing Aisha Tyler Leaves 'The Talk' Just A Month After Divorce With Husband!

And it's a wrap for Aisha Tyler's journey on "The Talk."

Aisha Tyler, the co-host of the famous talk show announced today she is leaving 'The Talk' at the end of its current seventh season. She made the announcement on-air, where she couldn't hold on to her emotions and started shedding tears. 

She stated sobbingly,

“I just realized I had to let something go. And it’s been the hardest decision of my life because you guys are my family, you know that. And I love being with you every day and I love being out here with you guys every day,” Tyler said. “At the end of the season, I’m gonna be leaving the show.”

Caption: Aisha Tyler's announcement of her departure from the show (Published on Jun 15, 2017)

Aisha had a very tough time making the decision as she has been a part of six complete seasons of "The Talk." She mentioned about the attachment that she shares with the show.

Her busy schedule with a hand full of different projects was the reason, and she had to let go of something. Unfortunately for her, it was 'The Talk' that she decided to leave.

She further mentioned,

“I have had an amazing six years with you guys, We’ve had babies and weddings, and you know good things have happened, and you know I went through the biggest breakup of my life with you. I could not have done with this without you. I’ll never be able to thank you guys enough for your friendship.” 

She seemingly gave a slight hint of her departure ahead of Thursday, through a tweet, which read,

"Life is about change, Sometimes it's painful. Sometimes it's beautiful. Most of the time, it's both. Be brave, everyone. Be brave."

To exhilarate her, for the tears she shed "The Talk" tweeted her with a sweet goodbye message,

It was just a year in, that Aisha was divorced, to her husband, with whom she claims to have spent half of her adult life.

She also opened up about her divorce with her husband in "The Talk" itself and explains how it feels.

Caption: Aisha, talking officially about her divorce (Published on Apr 19, 2016).

It was 25 years of togetherness that ended in January 2016. Despite being divorced for more than a year now, she doesn't have a new boyfriend yet, as she has completely dedicated her time to her work.

Aisha Tyler is currently a part of CBS series “Criminal Minds." She also directed a feature film recently and expressed the desire, of wanting to do more of the directing job in future.

Having gone through a major separation from her husband, which now is backed up with the sorrow of having to leave the show, Aisha probably must be going through a tough time.

However, we are hopeful that her commitment and her dedication to her work, will help her recover the pain she is going through, now.

Although she is leaving "The Talk," Aisha did assure her fans, promising them to come back in the show to guest-host.

We wish her a success filled future!