SportsCenter "Boomer", Chris Berman's ascendancy on ESPN and his splendid Salary and Net Worth

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SportsCenter "Boomer", Chris Berman's ascendancy on ESPN and his splendid Salary and Net Worth

Ever wonder why people call Chris Berman boomer? We wonder about it every time we see him, and we bet you do too. However, nobody exactly knows why he refers himself as the boomer. There is another thing people call him by. People also refer him as ‘the Swami’. It is because he makes all the prediction for the NFL before each weekend.

 So yes, you might have already noticed that today our discussion is about Chris Berman. There may be very few people who won’t recognize this famous personality.  So, what are we waiting for, let’s dig right into it

As you might know, that Chris Berman is considered as an imperative part of ESPN. According to a source, in 2008 ESPN’s vice president Norby Williams introduced Chris Berman as network’s most important person. He said,

"He is our most important person," he added,“He is the face of ESPN.”

With this, we can presume that how important Chris is to ESPN and what his value there. With the word ‘value’ we remembered that we were actually her to know about his earnings. Brace yourselves because we got some big numbers rolling right towards you.

So at first, let’s talk about his salary. However, his exact salary has not been officially disclosed at the moment, but it is believed to be a splendid salary of $3 million dollars annually. That is some serious amount of money right there, but the man deserves it for his work.

So, it’s the turn for his net worth now, but just imagine, if his salary alone is this big then how huge will his net worth be. Anyways, let’s find out. Well, Chris Berman has an estimated amount of $18 million dollars as his net worth. Oh, we’re about to faint now but still, we sit beside our word. He deserved it all.

Now, let’s move towards his career:

 If you remember, Chris signed a multi- year extension on the 33rd anniversary of the networks launch. The expiry of the contract was not disclosed at first but later on it was said that his contract would be expired somewhere in the 2016 NFL  season. However, it is also said that his contract is not likely to be extended or renewed. It came as a shock to us and every Berman fan out there.

After his departure from ESPN, Chris has no plans on retiring according to his Berman’s agent. This is as the agent said,

"Chris is NOT retiring,” the agent continues, "[He] loves what he's doing too much and is too young to hang 'em up."

Now, what we can do is wait for his departure from ESPN and see if he desires to retire or continue his fabulous career.

Born on May 10, 1955, Chris graduated from Brown University in 1977. Chris started his career as a sports anchor at Hartford’s WVIT-TV. He has also anchored Sportscenter, Monday Night Countdown, Sunday NFL Countdown and much more other programs. He then joined ESPN in 1979. He has also been honored with many titles and has also won many awards. Some of them are as follows,

2001 Maxwell Football Club's Reds Bagnell Award

2007 honorary degree from Brown University.

Received the Pete Rozelle Radio-Television Award on July 12, 2010