Tommy Sotomayor Has A Daughter But Wife Seems To Be Hidden! See If His Wiki-Like Bio Includes Her

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Tommy Sotomayor Has A Daughter But Wife Seems To Be Hidden! See If His Wiki-Like Bio Includes Her

While going through the famous YouTube personalities, we came across Tommy Sotomayor, a secretive vlogger, and radio talk show host. Despite being a controversial internet comedian, Tommy has managed to keep his personal life behind the scenes.

It is no hidden secret that the forty-one-years-old Tommy Sotomayor has two daughters, but the mother of his daughters is always a mystery. Today, let’s try to pull the shades behind his hidden love life of Tommy Sotomayor.

Married to a Wife? Who is the Mother of his Children?

Tommy, who came to the limelight with his YouTube account MrMadness Sotomayor, has two daughters Tariq and Sara. He is always active in sharing his personal life with his daughters in his videos and social networking sites but hasn’t uttered a single word about their mother.

If you follow Tommy on his official Instagram account, you will come across many pictures of him and his daughters.

Tommy, who remains unmarried even at the age of forty-one hasn’t revealed more information about his family. Though Tommy hasn’t revealed any information about his first daughter Sara and her mother, he has revealed some interesting information about his youngest daughter Tariq.

To those people who were thinking whether Tariq was born to Tommy’s secret wife or not, we want to reveal that Tariq is from Tommy’s romantic encounter.

Surprised? Well, Tommy has revealed how he met Tariq in one of his videos named “Tommy Sotomayor's New Daughter Proves The Hatred & Jealous Blacks Have For Each Other!” Tommy even said that he was not aware of Tariq until her mother claimed him to be her father on his radio show.

Caption: Tommy Sotomayor explains how he met his youngest daughter Tariq.

Tommy Sotomayor’s Wiki-like Bio:

American radio and internet talk show host Tommy Sotomayor was born on December 11, 1975, in Georgia. Popular for the YouTube channel MrMadness Sotomayor, Tommy has accumulated around 280,000 subscribers.

After launching YouTube channel in summer of 2012, Tommy released the videos like 15 Kids, one on the Way, No Man!" and "Gabrielle Union Says Dating D-Wade Hurt Her Career."

The two most popular videos of Tommy are "Woman Gets Pregnant By 13-Year-Old Boy!" and "Tommy Sotomayor admits To His Relationship With Caramel Kitten!"

Tommy Sotomayor’s videos are usually inflicting African-American girls and women. According to Ebony magazine, a petition was signed earlier this year to remove Tommy’s video from the YouTube citing "incalculable amounts of emotional, psychological and physical harm."

Whatever issues Tommy faces, he has been receiving an incredible income from his profession, which correspondingly makes his net worth that dwells around $1.5 million.

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