Tyler Baltierra Wants Wife Catelynn Lowell To Be Pregnant With A Baby! Will She?

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Tyler Baltierra Wants Wife Catelynn Lowell To Be Pregnant With A Baby! Will She?

He wants to be a father real quick!

Famous TV personality Tyler Baltierra has expressed his desire for his wife Catelynn Lowell to conceive a baby and get pregnant by next year.

The two were recently lashed out by the fans for faking the news of them expecting a child together. But it seems that the backlash has taken too much toll on Tyler, and so he wants Catelynn to conceive despite her Postpartum Depression Fears.

After the second birthday party of their daughter Nova on Monday's episode of their show, "Teen Mom OG," Tyler said he wanted another kid with his wife, Catelynn.

Catelynn responded in such manner,

“I’m not sure if I want a big family or not. I mean, how soon would you want to have another kid?”

Tyler answered, 

“next year” 

He also added,

“You want babies!”

Catelynn then continued,

“Yeah, eventually. But it also scares me, after having my first one that I went all postpartum and s—. It freaks me out. That makes me way more hesitant this time around.”

Tyler's mother too got involved in all of this, and she said,

“You and Cate … is she pregnant?”

To this, Tyler responded with a NO.  Tyler then said to Kim,

“I think now it’s a little different, because I want one. I don’t have to carry it or anything.”

But then Kim concluded and recommended,

“Yeah, don’t have one until she’s ready. Because mom’s are the one’s that really do everything, let’s face it.” 

Caption: Teen Mom OG: Is Catelynn Pregnant?
Published on Apr 29, 2017.

Catelynn did not say much about it, but she made it clear by saying,

 "I'm on birth control for 10 years, so unless I get it taken out, s—t ain't happening." 

So let us wait and see what conclusion they reach with regards to them having another child.

A Short Wiki-Like Bio of Tyler Baltierra:

Born on January 12, 1992, in Mount Clemens, Michigan, United States, Tyler Baltierra is a famous TV personality best known for his show "Teen Moms OG" which he runs with his wife, Catelynn Baltierra. Notice the word wife? Yes, indeed he has been married to Catelynn since 2015 and being married to a female certainly kicks all the gay rumors that often surround Tyler. Tyler and Cate were recently lashed out for publishing the fake news of the, expecting a child recently news has surfaced that Tyler wants his wife to have another child soon. 

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