US Presidential Election Update: A Quick Look at Presidential Election Nominees Shadowed by Media!

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US Presidential Election Update: A Quick Look at Presidential Election Nominees Shadowed by Media!

Many Americans have believed that this election has been like going for the “lesser evil” that was Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic Representative Hillary Clinton. However, people have overlooked the under-shadowed candidates in the Presidential election who were Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, and Evan McMullin.

Gary Johnson, Jill Stein and Evan McMullin have all been in the same race as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and yet many don’t even know about it. So, what did the third party candidates had to offer?

Evan McMullin:

Evan McMullin was the under-shadowed candidate even among the third party candidates. He was an interesting edition to the election because of representing an independent party. He was leading a party alongside Mindy Finn that was not devoted to any specific parties. You might have seen some of his tweets against Donald Trump on Twitter.

Like any other third party individuals, Evan knew his chances of even coming close to winning the elections was not happening but was focused on winning just in Ohio where his campaign was strong to disrupt both Clinton and Trump from obtaining the necessary 270 necessary points in electoral votes ending things in a tie.

By doing so, Clinton and Trump won’t be able to cross the 270 margin than the decision of the election will be passed to the ‘House of Representatives.' Ethan believes his chances will grow after that, but the history shows a different output. The decision hasn’t moved to the House since1824, and a third party candidate hasn’t won electoral points since 1968.

Gary Johnson:

Gary Johnson was a major third party candidate who perhaps had the best chances of turning the upcoming elections into a tie. The liberal representative had the greater stats among his rival third party representatives relatively to turn this election around.

Caption: Gary Johnson: Hillary Clinton and Chances Of Winning (MSNBC) 6/27/16

Gary Johnson had also almost done the improbable by becoming the first third party to win a state since 1968. Gary Johnson came this close to winning the state of New Mexico with about 24 percent of the votes while Clinton was on 35 and Trump on 31 percent as reported by Nate Silver from 538 on October 2, 2016, on Twitter.

This was not all, Gary Johnson had an average polling of around 5 percent in states like Wisconsin, Virginia, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Michigan, Iowa, Georgia, Colorado and ranging up till 7 in Maine and 9 in Arizona. It might not be much but sure did alter few things in the elections as opposed to his third opposition parties who were invisible in many states.

Jill Stein:

Jill Stein is another third party candidate in the election. She is the representative of the Green party for the Presidential election. She was a close rival to Johnson among the third party candidates. She did not show much action in the elections but still moved on with the race.

But she did not go down without grabbing any attention. She was going against Democrat Hillary Clinton, the expected First Female President of the United States. Jill Stein managed to appear in multiple state polls but with really fewer votes averaging to not further than 3 percent.

She has also made some big allegations on both the major party candidates, Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton about their run for the presidency. She has called Hillary Clinton the “Queen of Corruption” and Donald Trump is a “Walking Scandal” and classified both of them as, “most disliked and untrusted candidates in the history.”

Caption: Jill Stein Interview with Tom Keene on Bloomberg Surveillance on 3rd Nov 2016

While they are referred to as third party candidates, they still were part of the 2016 presidential election.