Wolf Blitzer, CNN Veteran Political Anchor, with Amazing Salary and Net Worth

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If you ever watch CNN weekday’s afternoon live, then you will notice a person. Wolf blazer, a German-American journalist, earned immense fame and had millions of salary. One doesn't simply became wealthy and has the high reputation. Today you will see how he got so much successful and the story behind his successful professional life. First of all, Let's hear brief information about him.
Wolf Blitzer, CNN Veteran Political Anchor, with Amazing Salary and Net Worth

Wolf Isaac Blitzer has an image to live up to as the lead Political anchor of CNN.The German-American Political Journalist has a long-standing reputation with over 50 years of experience in Journalism. Here's a summary on how he has persevered and delivered the truth to the eyes of public for years and years.

CNN veteran and Icon, Wolf Blitzer:

Wolf Blitzer is known for covering various Political topics ranging from the smallest disputes to the largest feuds and currently hosts CNN’s talk shows ‘Situation Room’ and ‘Newsroom.'

He started his professional journalism career in the late 70s working for Reuters news agency and eventually was scouted by English-Israeli newspaper Jerusalem Post where he used to work for over 20 years and contributed significantly to the peace of Israel. His actions even led to peace treaty between Egypt-Israel treaty and Wolf himself covered the negotiations between the two countries from the first joint Israeli-Egyptian press conference in 1977

He eventually began working for CNN since 1990. During his early years on CNN, he was rewarded with the CableACE award for his coverage of the Gulf war in Kuwait.

He started hosting his signature interview show ‘Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer' in 1998 which was seen in over 180 countries spreading his name around the world. In 1995, he was rewarded with Emmy award for covering the Oklahoma City bombing.

Wolf Blitzer, married to beloved wife for over 40 years.

Wolf married his love life Lynn Greenfield in 1973. Together they had one daughter, Ilana Blitzer Gendelman. Sources suggest that there were rumors about Wolf & Lynn's divorce a few years ago. They jointly addressed the accusations and were reported saying,

We are old; we don’t hit rough patches. That is for the young, not us.

Lynn has remained out of the media’s attention, unlike Wolf. She is a reputed gardener and spends most of the time working in her gardens. The couple has had a happy married life & they can be seen attending important functions and dinners together.

Wolf shares his fished life activities regularly on Twitter and Instagram. In 2015, He tweeted about the talking about the Paris attacks with Iraq war veteran congresswoman.

We have visited his profile and shared some of his best moments in Instagram.

Wolf with Donald Trump at CNN Sit Room:


I sat down with @realdonaldtrump at Trump Tower in NY today for our @cnnsitroom interview which airs 5PM ET

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Wolf with Dr. Cedric Alexander’s new book:

100% focused Wolf:


I guess I must have mispronounced my first name.

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Blitzer is quite rich even when compared to a lot of TV celebrities. He has the net worth of $16 million dollars according to TheRichest. According to the in 2010, Wolf Blitzer has been paid a $3 million salary annually by CNN news.

Blitzer and his family reside in Bethesda, Maryland currently.

Beef with Donald Trump:

Wolf Blitzer has had a history of disagreements with President-elect(as of December 28, 2016) Donald Trump. He has repeatedly criticized, admonished and rebuked Trump several times and seems to be against the idea of Trump becoming the next American president. Recently, Wolf Blitzer seemed aghast because of results of the 2016 Presidential election and refused to believe Hilary Clinton had conceded and was reported speaking to fellow CNN anchors Dana Bash and John King stating,

If Hillary Clinton has conceded, that is dramatic,that is a dramatic development, Dana, and to hear the words president elect, we haven’t yet projected that — but you’re saying Clinton made a formal call to Donald Trump to concede?

Blitzer was heavily mocked for his actions on social media by viewers and canceled for his unprofessional bias towards Hilary Clinton.

Blitzer's reputation was set to fire recently when it was revealed that the questions for his interview with Donald Trump were provided by the DNC. However, the interview was canceled later, and furthermore destruction of his reputation was halted.

Born in Germany, Wolf Blitzer was raised in Buffalo, New York by refugee parents who were refugees from Auschwitz, Poland. He finished his Bachelor's Degree from the State University of New York in History & Masters degree from Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies in international relations. He published his first book ‘Between Washington and Jerusalem’ in 1985. He has won the Journalist Pillar of Justice Award (2004) & Daniel Pearl Award (2003) for his work in Journalism and Media.