Archie Miller's Father-In-Law Knew He Was The One For His Daughter

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Archie Miller's love story with his wife is one of a kind and his amazing family accomplishments are one to not miss.
Archie Miller's Father-In-Law Knew He Was The One For His Daughter

“See, I told you so.”

Was Miller's father-in-law's response when he was set up on a blind date with his now-partner. In an article published in Heavy on March 26, 2014, his partner revealed how her father instantly recognized Miller as the right one for her.

Her father had a chance to meet Archie when he was playing basketball and later told her,

“I think I met the guy you’re gonna date next year.”

From that day to now, the pair have been inseparable.

Who Is His Partner?

Archie's wonderful partner for life is his wife, Morgan Miller. Morgan and Archie Miller got married back in 2003, and since then, the pair have only grown stronger. They are about to complete two decades together on August 30, 2023.

The couple has a daughter together whom they are very fond of. Their daughter, Leah Grace, was born in 2004. 

Hard to explain how far we have gone together!

Wrote the father while posting pictures with his beautiful wife on their 12th anniversary.

The picture featured Morgan leaning into her spouse and giving a wide smile while Archie simply put on a blissful smile.

The picture of the two was posted in late August 2015, and since then, Miller has not posted anything regarding his wife or his daughter.

Archie has kept the details of his life quite concealed as he has not posted anything after May 13, 2017.

Going by the former basketball player's past posts, his daughter seems to be athletic in nature, and he usually used to post pictures of his daughter training in the gym.

Although Miller has successfully kept his personal life away from the tabloids, his notable accomplishments are a treat to look back into.

Career Highlights

Archie started his journey in 1988 at just 20 years of age. He played point guard for North Carolina State from 1998 to 2002, where he helped the Wolfpack in the ACC Tournament.

Miller, age 42, was able to finish his career with an 84.6 free throw percentage, 42.9 three-point field goal percentage, and 218 three-pointers.

By accomplishing much of his duty in the court, he changed his career position and began coaching in 2003.

He worked as an assistant coach at Western Kentucky, Arizona State, Ohio State, and also at Arizona.

But his career as a coach was deemed successful when he became the head coach of the Dayton Flyer's men's basketball from 2011-2017.

In 2017 he won the award of Atlantic 10 Coach of the Year. Indiana then hired the 42-year-old in 2017 to serve as a head coach.

He earned a base salary of $550,000 and another $1 million in deferred compensation, as per his contract. In addition, his contract with OMPI  for seven years successfully bagged him $1.65 million annually, which increased by $50,000 each passing year.

As of 2021, he was recently relieved from his duty as a Head coach of Indiana.

More On Archie Miller

Going by the name Archie Miller, it is not his full name. Instead, his name is Ryan Joseph "Archie" Miller. Born on October 30, 1978, he grew up in a family with a brother and a sister.

Very little known fact, Ryan's name came to be "Archie" after being similar to an All in the Family character, Archie Bunker.

He grew up in a family filled with professional basketball players. His father, John Miller, was a former basketball coach at the Blackhawk High School and had a 35-year long coaching career.

After his father, Miller's older brother was his biggest supporter. His brother, Sean Miller, played as a point guard, and later when he was an assistant at North Carolina State University, Sean hired his little brother as a point guard.

Ryan's sister, Lisa, also played Division I basketball at Toledo and Elon.

Although Archie had a headstart in his career, his passion and hard work in basketball brought him to the point he is now.