Deacon Frey Carries On His Father's Legacy

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Deacon Frey, who soared to popularity at a young age carrying on his father's legacy, has his fans intrigued to know if he has a girlfriend.
Deacon Frey Carries On His Father's Legacy

While the world was saddened by the death of rock icon Glenn Frey, his son, David Frey, filling in his father's spot in the classic rock band The Eagles, gave a new and refreshing life to the classic band.

Being the son of the legendary musician Glenn Frey, David has mostly remained under the spotlight since his young age. However, as Glenn's unforgettable legacy and staggering net worth make him major success in the music industry, his son is no less.

David's praise-worthy performance at the 2017 concert as the frontman of The Eagles, taking his late father's place, has many enthusiastic about learning more about the young talent.

Who Is Deacon Frey?

Born to father Glenn Frey and mother Cindy Millican, Deacon Frey, age 28, has already become the talk of the town since his outstanding performance at the Classic West concert held in Los Angeles in 2017.

The concert was even more special to him as it marks his notable debut performance and what else could be a striking start than performing in front of a fifty-five thousand cheering audience.

Carrying on his father's legacy, in the concert, David resembled his father in many ways, from his stunning vocal to his appearance that reminded him of Glenn while young. Even the band member Henley was utterly stunned by how uncanny the father-son resemblance was regardless of Deacon's height that exceeded his father's, who was 1.75 meters tall.

Since 2017, Deacon has been actively participating in the band as the new member.

Deacon Frey (second from left) posing with the members of The Eagles

Deacon Frey (second from left) posing with the members of The Eagles (Source: Twitter)

Growing up with two siblings, Tylor and Otis, David was inclined towards music from the early age of seven. So continuing to grow his musical skills and progress exponentially along with his father's guidance, it was not really a surprise when he gave a killer performance in front of thousands of people.

Although his profession boomed since his debut with The Eagles, his personal life away from the band is still a mystery.

Is Deacon Frey Married?

While his rapidly growing career has already made him a star people frequently talk about, his low-key public presence somehow shadows his personal life.

Judging his social media presence, it is pretty much clear he does not like to share much of his personal details. More so, none of his social media posts hints at him being married or evem having a girlfriend currently.

Although it's been a few years that he has been under constant public attention, he is handling the exposure pretty well, maintaining his privacy at the same time.

As he is just starting to take a stable direction in his career with The Eagles, Deacon seems to be more focused on music with back-to-back concert tours and album releases coming his way.

What Is Deacon Frey's Net Worth?

Decon is an emerging artist who is beginning to mark his presence in the music industry since his affiliation with The Eagles.

As it’s been just a few years since his name made it to the shining lights, he is yet to land on the list of artists with a massive earning from music. And looking at the rate his career is blowing up, and his future seems promising.

On the other hand, his father, Glenn, possessed a net worth of 120 million dollars in 2016 at the time of his death, as Celebrity Net Worth's report suggests. Glenn’s possession of millions of dollars was primarily from his music, including seven studio albums consisting of several chart-topping hits.

While Deacon has already impressed the crowd with his musical talent, his days of making millions like his father do not seem so far.