Donnie Swaggart Made A Decision to Marry His Ex Wife And Hasn't Looked Back Ever Since

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Donnie Swaggart made an interesting decision to save his marriage after divorce and has lived a blissful life alongside his family ever since.
Donnie Swaggart Made A Decision to Marry His Ex Wife And Hasn't Looked Back Ever Since

Evangelist Donnie Swaggart has quite an interesting married life. Grandfather to eight grandchildren, the story of the bumpy road to his now married life is one not to miss.

Married His Ex?

Yep! You heard it right. Swaggart married his ex right after splitting up with her. 

Swaggart married Judy in 2003. But they split up three years later, in 2006. While the story of the blossoming of their love is unknown, the reason for divorce is speculated to be infidelity. 

Judy was in an extramarital affair and was dating another guy in the marriage, reports a blog. It is quite hard to believe, as there is no concrete evidence for it.

But Judy is not the ex that the Pastor remarried. So then, who is the woman, you ask?

The son of famous Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart, Donnie, was long before married to a woman named Debbie. But due to undisclosed reasons, the pair broke off their marriage and separated in 2003. 

Donnie Swaggart with his wife, Debbie

Donnie Swaggart with his wife, Debbie (Source- Facebook

Swaggart then moved on to his marriage to Judy, but things did not work out well for the pair as well. 

After his divorce from Judy, Donnie re-married his ex-wife, Debbie. The two now seem to have worked on the differences in their marriage, as they haven't separated since. 

Life With Children 

Donnie and his wife have three children named Gabriel, Matthew, and Jennifer. 

Gabriel Swaggart is a married man with a wife named Jill. Gabriel has walked on in his father's and grandfather's footsteps and is an integral part of Jimmy Swaggart Ministry alongside his wife.

Donnie Swaggart with his three children

Donnie Swaggart with his three children (Source- Facebook

The two are also the head of Crossfire Youth Ministry and are a part of the Family Worship Center. The pair has three beautiful daughters, Samantha Gabrielle, Abby Jill, and Carolin Frances. 

Donnie's other child, Matthew, is also an important part of the ministry. Still, he has ventured out to be a television graphics artist and a 'gifted photographer,' as Donnie tells on his article. Matthew also has a wife, Joanna, with whom he shares two sons. 

Donnie and Debbie's only daughter Jennifer is a master's graduate and a teacher. Jennifer also has a well-settled family of four, including her, her husband, Cliff, and their children, Harper Riley and Harrison Brooks. 

As of total, Swaggart has seven grand grandchildren from his three kids. Well, four, to be exact. He mentions that his Bulldog Boudreaux is also a 'vital' part of his family. 

More On Donnie Swaggart

Donnie, age 66, states in his blog that he is called "a God sent to bring the message of Pentecost to those bound by cold, formal, lifeless, religion."

He serves as a co-pastor of Family Worship Center Church in Baton Rouge, Lousiana. 

Although he has a house in Louisiana, his ministry travels all over the world. Donnie has accounted for 30 years of service in the ministry, and he promises to keep on doing the work that he is so passionate about. 

In 1988, Los Angeles Times reported that his house was worth $726,000. It also reported that the family makes $150 Million a year by earning more than $500,000 each working day. 

Further, Washington Post revealed that Donnie's salary was around $58,500 in 1987. 

Although the 66-year-olds net worth is not known, his father Jimmy Swaggart and mother Frances Swaggart's net worth is around $10 million.

But looking into his salary from 1987, his salary might have increased in the present day, ranking his net worth to millions.