Ed Byrne's Humorous Wife & Amazing Life

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Ed Byrne's Humorous Wife & Amazing Life

Famous Irish actor and stand-up comedian Ed Byrne is best known for being the presenter of the show 'Just for Laughs.'

While the comedian has been amusing his audiences for decades, the one who fills his life with laughter and joy is his wife, with whom he has been married for almost 14 years. 

Ed Byrne's Wife

For anyone familiar with 'Just for Laughs,' you would know what kind of impact it made for all of us.

It was a very authentic show with an amazing team behind it and out-of-par execution and acting that gave all of us a barrel of laughs and left us rolling on the floor. 

The outstanding comedy show still re-runs on TV and is still widely loved, making Ed a familiar face on screens even today. And with his hilarious comedic ability comes the curiosity of his fans regarding his love life.

The presenter of the show, Ed Byrne, has been married to his wife, Claire Walker, since 2008. His wife, Claire, is a De Montfort University graduate who founded a comedy festival back when she was in the university. 

Well, her love for comedy seems to fit just right with the person she married.

While we know Ed for his outstanding comedic side, his wife's humor is no less.

And his wife's sense of humor did not leave the table when he proposed to her.

As Ed planned on starting a new life alongside his beau, Claire, he popped the big question in 2007. 

Ed Byrne Along with His Wife

Ed Byrne Along with His Wife (Source: Favebites)

Sitting together, he asked the big question, while for the amount of love they exude, we can wonder how much Claire felt happy and even jumped out of excitement, right?

Maybe true, but the way of her showing it would have easily sent someone into orbit. 

“I asked her to marry me, and she pushed the ring back across the table towards me and said: ‘I can’t marry you’, with tears in her eyes"

He said, remembering the time, wondering what he would do after they "broke up," only to hear "Only joking" afterward from his now-spouse. 

Indeed, his spouse has a spice of humor in her, and Ed even considers her "the funny one" sometimes. 

He and his amazing spouse share two kids, Cosmo Byrne, and Magnus Byrne. 

The stand-up comedian most definitely has a life that most wish to have.

A happily married life, a funny and gorgeous wife, the bundle of joys in the form of children, and a promising career that has landed him a net worth of millions pretty much sums up Ed's life.

On top of that, Ed's net worth counted in millions he earned through his almost three-decades-long hard work and dedication to his professional life is awe-worthy. 

Ed Byrne's Net Worth 

Born on 16th April 1972, Ed has been in the industry since 1993. And from growing up in a semi-detached house to becoming on the millionaires' list, the comedian has come a long way. 

Ever since the beginning of his career, he gradually garnered a strong base of faithful fan following, who loved him for just being himself and bringing them uncontrollable laughter. 

He has been a guest in numerous television shows and games, one of which is 'The Graham Norton Show,' where he has appeared six times. 

Byrne's appearances on talk shows and his stand-up gigs always light up the room and give people joy and laughter. It just goes on to show the kind of amazing comedian he is. 

He also appeared in BBC stand-up comedy program, 'Mock the Week,' and has also been seen in shows like '8 out of 10 cats' The comedian has also appeared in television and movies. 

In 2021, he appeared in the movie 'Creation Stories' and has also been seen in shows like 'Celebrity Best Home Cook' as a contestant. 

From his stand-up to acting to commercial comedy gigs, Bryne has accumulated a huge sum of net worth. 

As of 2021, he stands at a net worth of $6 million.