Mike Duncan's Lowkey Life with His Wife & More

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Mike Duncan's Lowkey Life with His Wife & More

Known for his work in 'Shang-Chi' and 'Stealth,' Mike Duncan is a very low-key personality. However, he is a notable stuntman who has done tremendous hard work in his projects. 

As we know, a life of a stuntman on set is filled with risks and complications, but when Duncan goes home, he is given a warm welcome by his beautiful wife and his kids. 

Duncan is married to a beautiful woman, and he shares two kids with her. 

Mike Duncan's Wife

Mike has given the industry his amazing talent and has worked effortlessly to provide the audience with an amazing experience. 

Truly, a stuntman is a backbone of a film, As much risk-filled as the job is, Duncan seems to enjoy this life as he has been doing this for quite a long time. 

And there is nothing more than Duncan could have asked for. Without him and other brave stuntmen like him, movies would not have been as interesting.

Facing risks and chaos all day, Duncan goes home to a much calmer environment complemented by his loving wife and his two kids, a son and a daughter. 

So for all those thinking, What is Mike Duncan doing now? Well, you probably can guess.

His wife's name is Jax, and she appeared on the stuntman's social media back in 2019 when he wished her a very happy birthday. 

His beautiful wife can be seen donning a stunning pink mini dress ready to cut the cake. Dedicating a post to his wife the picture on his social media, he wrote, "Happy 40...something Birthday Jax. 06/11/19."

Mike Duncan Shares the Picture of His Wife on His Social Media

Mike Duncan Shares the Picture of His Life on His Social Media (Source Instagram)

His wife is probably at the age of 42 now, looking into the date of the post. Together they are blessed parents to a son and a daughter. 

The father of two used to share his pictures with his children quite often. The father loves to spend time with his daughter and his son. 

By the looks of it, his children are still kids, but you know what they say about kids; they grow very quickly. 

A post dating back to 2017 showed the father holding hands with his children and walking. The picture beautifully showcased the essence of a father and children, and it is absolutely beautiful. 

So despite being pretty low-key nowadays, one thing we know for sure is that his life with his wife and children is as amazing as it can be. 

His Net Worth 

Mike's social media nowadays is like a photo book of his professional life where he shares all the details of his work. 

It clearly shows how hard he works and how much he loves doing what he does, and as we have mentioned, he has been doing it for a long time now. 

Apart from his amazing stunt execution in 'Shang-Chi,' he has also performed stunts in other superhero movies. From DC's 'Aquaman' to Marvel's 'Thor: Love and Thunder,' Duncan is no less than a real-life superhero. 

From appearing in such massive budget projects, Duncan might have gotten fairly good pay during his time in the industry. 

Which definitely ranks his net worth to be no less than a million figure range.