Philip Bolden's Relationship with His Parents- Where Is He Now?

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Philip Bolden's Relationship with His Parents- Where Is He Now?

Famously known for his role as Kevin Kingston in the movie 'Are We There Yet? alongside his on-screen sister, Philip Bolden is an amazing actor.

Now, still standing in the entertainment industry, let’s get to know the star a little closely.

Philip Bolden's Career, Net Worth, Now

Until now, and with more than 20 acting credits, Bolden is one of the flourishing young actors with incredible talent.

Starting at the age of 4, the actor made his debut in the entertainment industry through the movie 'Mystery Men' in 1995, starring as Roland.

Since the star’s debut, Philip has worked non-stop on-screen since 1999.

After his first movie, his first five projects were '3rd Rock from the Sun' in 1999, 'The King of Queens' in 1999-2000, 'Little Nicky' in 2000, 'The Animal' in 2001, and 'Macy Gray Feat. Erykah Badu: Sweet Baby' in 2001.

Then, in the year 2007, he starred in the voice acting project 'Fly Me to the Moon.' 

Making this his last movie before his big break in 2016.

After almost a decade-long break from acting and on-screen playing, the star made his appearance in the short movie '18 Latimer Road.'

Since returning to the world of acting, the star has regained all his popularity and has a raving net worth because of his hard work.

Even though his net worth figures are not made public, the actor has been featured in highly grossed movies raising his entire net worth.

Apart from the star’s amazing career, the fandom is curious about his personal life with his parents.

Philip Bolden’s Parents and More

To answer your question “How Old is Philip Daniel Bolden?”, born to parents Kenny Bolden and Kristin Bolden on 19th March 1995, the actor is now 27 years old.

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Bolden has a very special and amazing relationship with his parents.

Philip Daniel Along with His Mother

Philip Daniel Along with His Mother (source: Instagram)

Sharing these amazing moments, Philip shared a picture on Instagram with his mother captioning,

“The Queen Mother and Prince Philip
(1997, colorized)”

Adding to the moments, Bolden shared pictures from his first NBA game and his father and late NBA star player Kobe Bryant.

Philip Bolden with His Father and Kobe Bryant

Philip Bolden with His Father and Kobe Bryant (source: Instagram)

Sharing this memory with his fans on Kobe’s birthday, he stated,

“Kobe Bryant is, and will always be, my favorite athlete.

After the commercial, he gifted me and my parents with tickets to my first NBA game (we beat the Nets 113-101). Afterwards, me and pop went down into the tunnel and bro took ANOTHER picture with us. AND signed a game ball. We never asked for anything, he just gave, because that’s the kind of man he was. So driven, yet so humble.

I’ve had these things for almost 20 years, but I never imagined they would hold the kind of significance they do now. Not this soon. I still feel sick to my stomach when I remember what happened. But you know what? He’s not really gone. He lives on through the memories he gave us, whether he was terrorizing the opposition on the court, or winning an Oscar off it.

So Happy Birthday, my brother. Hope there’s a dope court in heaven, and the angels aren’t too upset when you drop 81 points on ‘em.”

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Alongside his amazing parents and career, there is an ongoing question, "What is Philip Bolden doing now?”

Now still in the entertainment industry, Bolden is currently playing the role of Travis Lewis / Travis in the TV series 'Millennials (I).'

Witnessing the star’s work in everything, we cannot wait to update you guys more on him.