All About Regé-Jean Page's Parents And Family Life

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Regé-Jean Page shares his experience growing as a mixed-raced child and talks about his parents' details and big family.
All About Regé-Jean Page's Parents And Family Life

Regé-Jean Page's heart-melting charm did not go unnoticed ever since he appeared with his breakthrough role in the Netflix series Bridgeton. His praise-worthy acting and jaw-dropping good looks, which is a big thanks to his parents, have his fans curious to learn more about the actor.

Who Are Regé-Jean Page's Parents?

Wondering who blessed Regé with the god-given angelic beauty? - his Zimbabwean mother and English father. Regé's mother is a nurse, while his father is a preacher.

Talking about his widespread family with Interview magazine, the actor opened up about growing up in a big family. He said,

I have family in South Africa, Australia, Sweden, Grenada, Florida—so you make pit stops and you grow your perspective.

To the actor, his home is where his people are. As he shared his experience growing up as a mixed-kid, he elaborated,

In America, you can still feel the echoes of slavery, and Zimbabwe is very much feeling the echoes of British colonial rule.

Being exposed to the reality of racism since a young age, the actor was well-aware of his identity as a 'mixed raced man' and referred to himself as 'a walking political statement.' He shared one of his childhood experiences as such,

I remember there was a really nice nursery school fairly close to us; my mum took me along and there wasn’t enough room, and then my dad took me along and there was enough room.

His parents' interracial marriage was one of the rare sights during their time. And, being a child of interracial parents let him explore life with a different perspective.

A Look Into His Family & Childhood

Regé, who has three siblings, was born on January 24, 1990, in London but he spent his childhood in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Later, while he was fourteen years old, Regé and his family moved back to North London, and he continued his education there.

While young, the actor was also in a band with his brother, where he played drums. Talking about his youthful days with The Fall magazine says, he said,

As a teenager, the idea of running around, screaming at people was very appealing to me. I found comfort in aggression, in breaking through false walls and challenging norms.

His need to find a place for venting out his aggression made him more inclined towards punk music.

In a way, punk music opened up his mind towards having a career in arts.

How Did Regé's Acting Journey Begin?

His inclination in arts began as he moved to the UK with his family. Recognizing his passion for the arts, Regé's parents had always been supportive of his acting hobby.

They let him enroll in a Saturday school where he would take three hours of acting, singing, and dancing. He quoted,

I was loud and attention-seeking enough that they put me on their agency on the side. That was my hobby; that was my paper route.

At the time, he got a few acting gigs which kept his passion for acting rolling. But, as time passed, he began getting more significant roles.

Not to mention, now he is one of the rising stars in Hollywood ever since his astounding performance in Bridgerton