Look Into Tony Kornheiser's Net Worth, Salary, Wife & More

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Look Into Tony Kornheiser's Net Worth, Salary, Wife & More

The amount of prominent roles that Tony Kornheiser has to take upon his career is truly unmatchable. From a career that extends to four decades now to bagging many prestigious roles along the way, Kornheiser has done it all. 

And well, his career is still going strong with no stop in between, even at the age of 73. The now transitioned American television sports talk show host is a multitalented personal without any argument. 

As a result, he has achieved much in his career, landing him a net worth of multi-millions. 

Tony Kornheiser's Net Worth 

It didn't come as a shock for us when we got to know his net worth that is in multi-millions. Not after looking back to the marvelous career that has given him his own identity and name. 

A man of many talents, Tony can be best described as a talk show host sportswriter, and a columnist.

He worked as a writer for The Washington Post for over two decades (1979-2001) and then started working as a host of ESPN's Emmy Award-winning sports show not once but thrice, Pardon the Interruption.

The show bagged the award in 2010, 2017, and 2019. Kornheiser also hosts his own Podcast show, which started off as a radio show during the weekdays named, The Tony Kornheiser Show. 

His talent has been recognized all over the world, so much so that ESPN executive John Walsh himself called him the most multitalented person ever "in the history of sports media."

Tony Kornheiser Playing Golf

Tony Kornheiser Playing Golf (Source- Denker Music)

Kornheiser is one of the highest-paid personalities in all of ESPN history, taking home a salary of $6 million. His salary increased in 2019 as his salary was $5 million before. 

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His aptitude for the area of work has played a vital role in his success but what equally contributes to it is the hard work and consistency he has put into his professional front all these years. 

After all, one doesn't just amass a fortune as much as he has. Kornheiser stands at a net worth of a staggering $18 million as per Celebrity Net Worth, one which he enjoys alongside his wife and family. 

Tony entertains his net worth alongside a marriage of almost five decades. As much as the success he has experienced in his professional front; he has been lucky enough to enjoy the same delight through his personal life. 

Tony Kornheiser's Life With Wife

If you think his career is long-standing, wait until you know about his married life. 

Well, you don't have to wait. 

He has been married to his wife, Karril Kornheiser, since 1973, and together, they have raised two wonderful children.

Tony Kornheiser With His Wife

Tony Kornheiser With His Wife (Source Pinterest)

His lasting marriage is well complemented by his life with his son, Michael Kornheiser, and daughter, Elizabeth Kornheiser, both of whom are adopted. 

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The talk show host lives with his spouse in Washington DC. While not much is known about his life with his wife as he likes to keep his personal life pretty private, his son, however, got married back in 2014 to Elizabeth Hardwick. 

Tony Kornheiser With His Son

Tony Kornheiser With His Son (Source - Golf)

The father-son duo loves to play golf during their free time. Adoptive or Biological, a parents' love for their child is forever eternal.

Kornheiser has maintained a happy life with his partner of 49 years and his two children, all of which is completed by his ever so glorious career.