Vincent Regan Confirmed as a Cast on "Aquaman And the Lost Kingdom"

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Vincent Regan has been added to the Aquaman and the Last Kingdom cast, so what exactly is his role?
Vincent Regan Confirmed as a Cast on "Aquaman And the Lost Kingdom"

Recently introduced to the Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom cast, Vincent Regan's movies list are accolades on his own.

From being in the industry since 1992, he has withstood many seasons in his career, and yet he still stands strong and booked.

Part of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Cast 

The new season of DC's Aquaman is back, and it already looks promising primarily due to the range of its casts.

The Hollywood Reporter exclusively reported that Vincent Regan would be one of the Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom cast alongside Indya Moore, Jani Zhao. 

The three recently joined the cast this September, and to say the least, the DC fans could not be more ecstatic. Jason Momoa, who plays the protagonist in the movie, is the half-human and half-Atlantean. 

 So, where does Regan come in all of the lists?

Well, he is playing the role of an Atlan (the ruler of Atlantis) who caused the city to sink into the sea. 

And DC fans probably know his or just those who watched "Aquaman" might know that Jason Momoa, our Aquaman, finds the trident of Aquaman, and the character also appeared very shortly in the first installment of the movie played by Graham McTavish

The movie ended with the Aquaman accepting his mantle as King of Atlantis and raising the Trident, so it will be fun to see how the story progresses and what Vincent Regan will bring to the table. 

All and all, we know he will live up to everyone's expectations. 

Apart from being one of the important members of the Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom cast, he has credits in movies that have sustained him a successful career so far, and going through his movies list; one can actually tell how fruitful and accomplished his career has been. 

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Vincent Regan's Movies List & Career

Born in May 1965, Vincent Regan is popular amongst his British fans as he is a British film and television actor. 

Regan, over the years, has been an important cast in popular movies that people enjoy and look back to this day. His popular movies list includes the names "300", "Troy," "Unleashed," "Clash of the Titans," and "Lockout."

Snapshot Of Vincent Regan In 300

Snapshot Of Vincent Regan In 300 (Source-Youtube)

Starting in the industry as a cast of LWT's "London's Burning," he quickly gained acclaim and worked on big projects. With the success of his acting career, he decided to venture out to other areas, such as opening a theatre company in Beverly. 

Regan has also worked as a screenwriter and director for his film company. Coincidentally or call it a work of fate, he also appeared on the TV series Atlantis. 

Thus with his resume of playing a monarch at times, it is understandable as to why DC would have approached Vincent for the role. 

After all, he is good at playing important roles. As long as his career is, so is his married life. He is married to his wife of two decades now, Amelia Curtis, and he shares three children with her. 

So, to say the least, with over two dozen credits on the movies list and over forty credits in TV series alongside a happy family, Regan's life is as fulfilling as it can be. 

The movie "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom" is announced to release on December 16, 2022.