Aaron Rodgers' Girlfriend Olivia Munn Shows Gratitude towards Packer's Fans for the Support!

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Aaron Rodgers' Girlfriend Olivia Munn Shows Gratitude towards Packer's Fans for the Support!

Fans and supporters of Aaron Rodgers and his NFL team all around the world get ready to be thanked by the famous movie star, Olivia Munn. As the quarterback and his team Green Bay Packers lost their most recent game, Olivia Munn does her best in showing the fans and the team support through social media today.

With a recent loss against Atlanta Falcons, a 41-21, Aaron, the thirty-three-year-old quarter for the Green Bay Packers, still has an undying fan out there spreading the joy of their team, i.e. Olivia Munn. She shows her dedication towards Packers by writing a few sweet and straightforward words for loyal fans despite their loss.



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Despite her attempts to be supportive, Olivia has been blamed by some of the diehard fans of Green Bay Packers as the reason for their recent losses, accusing Olivia of distracting Aaron from the game.

Olivia is a thirty-six-year-old an author, a spokesperson, and actress who widely renown by the movies she plays in such as “Ride Along Two” as Maya Cruz, “Deliver Us From Evil” as Jen Sarchie and her latest “X-Men: Apocalypse” as Psylocke. This lead fans to speculate if there are any romantic relations with her and Aaron since her constant involvement and supports in his games.

It is reported and confirmed that Aaron is, in fact, dating Olivia. They started dating in 2014 and have kept a hushed word towards their relationship, but other sources debunked that their relationship might take a turn for the better. The rumors spread as far as Olivia’s mother inquired her if they were engaged or not, to which Olivia replied with a humorous response and afterward posted the message on Instagram.

Olivia, of course, had put a halt towards the false rumors explaining that she would declare her engagement towards her boyfriend instead of hiding it. She has however been ever so accepting with Aaron’s losses and wins.