American Soccer Star, Juan Agudelo is Being Dubbed as 'Young Veteran' in Major League Soccer (MLS)

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American Soccer Star, Juan Agudelo is Being Dubbed as 'Young Veteran' in Major League Soccer (MLS)

Major League Soccer has found a ‘young veteran’ in Juan Agudelo. For a 23-year-old striker, it is a great achievement to have grasped such a status. He plays for New England Revolution and has made the club really optimistic about his potential to do well in the future games?

Juan has come a long way and has had many experiences, both good and bad. All of such experiences has added value to his image, and he knows that. From a failed Premier League move to making his debut for the U.S. senior national team, he has seen it all.
According to Goal USA, Juan has got enough enthusiasm to climb the stairs in his career. How he sees his present work illuminates it all:

"I think it's sort of a head start to have that background already, you have more time to learn new things at an early stage which can prove to be an advantage in the future.” 

That's the most memorable goal by Juan. He came out as a promising one with this goal for the national team in 2010. But 2015 turned out to be the year when the versatile proved his incredible talent.

He has been able to become an active MSL player after years of practice. Not only that, he has become a major part of the playoff team since 2015. Above all,  his crucial eight goals in the 2015 season not only made him famous but also helped his club to capture the "Top 5 spots" in the league.


Juan hopes to make 2016 more fruitful than the past years. He is hoping to bestow his best form on the field. Despite earning only six caps in the last four years, he is still regarded one of the talented players. Here’s how he feels:

"I'm going to do my best to get a couple call-ups this year, but I know what's going to make that happen is how I perform on the field....most importantly, day in and day out train hard and when it comes to that weekend where you have to play games, I have to show what I have because i know Jurgen [Klinsmann] is watching."

Hope the ‘young veteran’ makes more highlights in coming days. His club is proud of him and happy to take care of him.

The best part is that he has gained versatility and recognition over the years.?.