Cavaliers To Trade Paul George To Win Against Warriors? Will Contract And Fat Salary Let Him?

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Cavaliers To Trade Paul George To Win Against Warriors? Will Contract And Fat Salary Let Him?

Cleveland Cavaliers struggled in the finals this season against the Warriors from Golden state, and thus, it can be seen that it is show time for the Cavs the next season. And while the Cavs have been thinking about their following strategies, one of them could be trading Indiana Pacers' Shooting Guard Paul George.

So is this trade happening and will this help the Cavs get back in the series against Warriors? Or will the salary and contract he has with the Pacers that won't allow him to don a Cavs shirt? Let us find out!

Is The Trade Happening? What Is About To Happen?

The Cavs were close to defending their NBA crown this season, but they lost the NBA finals to GS Warriors in just five games out the seven that were to be played.

But despite the loss of the crown with a total of 34 points in the five games, Cleveland are in no need to make a move during this offseason, especially not a big trade.

There have been rumors that the Cavs could trade Kevin Love for Paul George from the Pacers but, is this going to help their cause?

George is a comparatively better player in a vacuum, but he would need to learn to play with the two ball-dominant stars, who are already in Cleveland.

That learning curve alone could take some time and force the Cavaliers to retake a step as they can not afford any hitch in their momentum.

This, however, shall be a mode that shall attract a lot of people who enjoy watching the Cavs play.

But he is reportedly committed to staying at Indiana.

"I am a Pacer. I am under contract, and I intend to play,''

So let us see what the time yields!

Paul George's Career In Brief.

Paul George played high school basketball for the Knight High School before playing two good seasons of college basketball at the Fresno State. 

As a result of that, George was selected by the Indiana Pacers as the 10th overall pick in the 2010 NBA draft and has been donning the Pacers Jersey ever since. His performances with the Pacers have earned him the NBA All-Rookie Second Team honors.

He was also named the NBA Most Improved Player in 2013 while he also earned his first All-Star selection. Not only that, but he also earned the right to represent his national team where he broke his leg.

Caption: Interview: Paul George on his leg injury and his return Published on Feb 4, 2015.

But despite that, he came back stronger and has been nothing short of gold dust for the Pacers as his stats show.

Caption: Paul George Career Stats.

Now the stats prove why he has made his position in the team firm and why the Pacers pay his with such hefty amount and have provided him with such a lucrative contract.

In 2014, Paul George signed a 5-year deal worth $91,572,660 contract with the Pacers. His contracts included $91,572,660 guaranteed amount, and an annual average salary of a whopping $18,314,532.

Moreover, in 2017-18, George is set to earn a base salary of $19,508,958 carrying a cap hit value of $19,508,958 and a dead cap amount of $40,212,342. That is surely going to boost his net worth even more, which currently stands at the $20 million mark.

Now that surely makes his family and parents proud of him. His family consists of his parents Paul and Paulette George, his two older sisters namely Portala and Teiosha George & his daughter Olivia George. The family currently lives in Palmdale, California as well as Indianapolis, Indiana.