Jewish Ethnicity Sportswriter Jay Glazer's Splendid Workout Plan for Everyone, Fighters or Beginners

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Jewish Ethnicity Sportswriter Jay Glazer's Splendid Workout Plan for Everyone, Fighters or Beginners

We will find a lot of people who love to stay fit and healthy. However, it’s difficult to find people who themselves are fit and wants others to be the same. Among those is the celebrity we are talking today who not only is conscious about his body shape but inspires others as well.

An American Sportswriter and NFL insider for Fox Sports, Jay Glazer, 46, is an example to those who wants a well-shaped body. He has trained and encouraged numerous sports celebrities and fighters to work out and stay fit.

Workout Plans for Fighters and Beginners:

The work out plans of Jay Glazer is simple and convenient. He doesn’t believe only in lifting huge weights but making the trainee physically active. Jay Glazer owns his gym, Sunset Boulevard Gym which is the training destination for many fighters and sports celeb.

His gym may seem surprising to the ordinary fitness trainer as it doesn’t consist Smith machines, ellipticals, treadmills or stationary bikes. He makes the trainee do activities like knocking out dynamic lunges with a twist, swinging around a sandbag or sparring on the mat.

Similarly, for beginners, he has broken the workout plans into three “clusters.” Each cluster starts with exercise focusing hardcore abs and moves further. His workout plan is precisely written in the Men’s Fitness magazine.

His Gym: Destination for Celebrity

Sunset Boulevard Gym in Los Angeles is mostly filled with Hollywood Celebrities, Sport Players and Fighters. The well-known wrestler, The Rock and Jerry Ferrara were also seen working out in his gym a month ago.

Similarly, he has also trained other known sports stars including Jeffery Alson, Beckham Jr, Shawne Merriman, The Atlanta Falcons and fighters of MMA.

His Controversy with Brent Grimes Wife:

The cornerback football player for Tamp Bay Buccaneers, Brent Grimes wife made terrible comments about QB Ryan Tannehill and Miami Dolphins on twitter. She also added about how horribly they behaved with her husband. Brent was a cornerback for Miami Dolphins from 2013 but he left the club in 2016 refusing to restructure the contract.

Those comments from Miko made Jay furious and he counteracted Miko from his Twitter post.

The conflict didn’t end there. Miko and Jay both used derogatory words for each other and continued to intrigue their fans.  

Well, their fight has become stagnant now. However, the thing that confuses everybody is whether Miko Grimes was talking truth or making propagandistic comments about Miami Dolphins and QB Ryan Tannehill.

His Married Life: Wife and Child

Jay Glazer married Michelle Graci, an American model, on 25 June 2006. The wedding was conducted at a historic house in Manchester named Hildene.

Caption: Jay Glazer with wife Michelle Graci in the NBC late night show in 2016.


The couple is gifted with a son named Samuel, 13. If you didn’t know, the son wasn’t conceived by Michelle but was adopted. Jay revealed about the adoption of his son in his twitter post.

Jay is a responsible and loving father. We wouldn’t be surprised if we will see Jay training his son in the future. As of now, Jay does not hide his son from media but bring him along to events and pose together.

Caption: Jay Glazer with his son Samuel Glazer in at the MEN'S FITNESS 2014 GAME CHANGERS event in September 2014.


Jay's Short Bio:

Born of mixed ethnicity, Jay Glazer was born on December 26, 1969. He is National Football League insider and sportswriter for fox news sports. Jay is a business partner of Randy Couture, fighter of mixed martial arts.

He also serves as hosts in UFC shows for Fox Sports. His work as a journalist, host and trainer have yielded him a huge net worth of $5 million.