Former Duke Player Marshall Plumlee Is Now In The NBA With Premium Stats But This Is What He Said Before He Got In

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Former Duke Player Marshall Plumlee Is Now In The NBA With Premium Stats But This Is What He Said Before He Got In

2016 was a breakthrough year for Marshall Plumlee as he joined the New York Knicks for the 2016 NBA Summer League after going undrafted in the 2016 NBA draft.There was one time when former Duke Center himself wasn’t sure if he would be a basketball player.

So what was Marshall Plumlee up to? He has spoken about his career path in an interview, so let's find out what was he up to, and his second thoughts in his career.

Destined to be NBA player?

There was a time when Plumlee was in a dilemma deciding between basketball and the military. He revealed that if his basketball days would come to an end, then he would pursue a military path.

Moreover, Plumlee also said that he’s all in on his pro basketball career. He stated that he always believed that he’s an NBA player as, like his elder brothers, he was rather confident about being selected. Plumlee, who averaged 8.3 points per game and 8.6 rebounds as a Duke senior said:

“The media kind of ran with it, as if I’d be deploying right away. From the very beginning I sought to serve in the Army reserves and play professional basketball in the NBA. I’ve worked with the Army (toward that option) and the Army has prepared me tremendously. It made me a better leader at Duke.

Moreover, he added:

“I’m really fortunate to have two passions in life that really help each other.”

Caption: Marshall Plumlee, Duke big man, works out in preparation for his 2016 NBA Draft in Chicago. 

Making NBA debut!

Caption: Marshall overall stats in NBA.

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Former Duke big player Marshall Plumlee made his NBA debut for the New York Knicks on November 21, 2016, logging five minutes as well as collecting one defensive rebound in a comfortable 104-94 win against Atlanta Hawks at Madison Square Garden.

But it was not an easy task for the 24-year-old, who arrived at the arena midway through the first quarter of the match after sprinting through the Manhattan streets since his cab from Grand Central Terminal was stuck in heavy traffic. It was a moment to remember for Marshall Plumlee.

Marshall Plumlee signed a 3-year contract worth $2,498,982 with the New York Knicks on July 7, 2016, including $643,471 guaranteed, as well as an annual average salary of $832,994. In 2016-17, Plumlee is tempted to earn a base salary of $543,471.